I am more then excited to finally be able to show you the Diorama Maquette that convinced Lucasfilm that the Death Star was a great choice as the theme for the Celebration III Diorama Workshop.

The plan is to create what could possibly become the greatest Death Star Diorama ever built. Covering a space of 60 feet wide - now that's BIG :) Each builder will create a room that will be stacked (think boxes) side by side and on top of each other to create a gigantic Diorama Wall. You can wipe the drool off your keyboard now :P but I am getting ahead of Myself....

As you arrive, you will be greeted by Life Size panels of the Death Star, including a giant Blaastdoor guarded by actual Stormtroopers (so be on your best behaviour LOL,) You will now be entering what is clearly the best hobby out there...Star Wars Dioramas :P In the distance you will already be able to see the progression of the Death Star Diorama as it gets constructed. No need to wait until sunday like at Celebration II since the dioramas are stacked upwards this time, allowing for instant assembly and display....


This time, Lucasfilm and I have chosen to not be in a closed room but rather in the center of the action...right in the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall. The Workshop dimensions however will remain the same, a 60X60 foot area with plenty of construction Space.


The front area of the Diorama Workshop will also house the Diorama Exhibit. I will be bringing some of my newest scenes (blue arrows) to be viewed by the public for the first time as well as a few Visitor Diorama surprises (red arrows). You will be able to take pictures as you did at Cleberation II and if you choose to, enter deeper into the Construction Area. Here you will find tables to install yourselves and start creating :)


This year construction is even more user friendly and offers builders various difficulty levels so ALL ages are able to participate. First, come see one of the NiubNiub Staff helpers and tell us which one of the Death Star rooms you want to create. Then we will give you a kit with your foamcore, blueprints and decals. You then put it all together and Voila. A perfect souvenir from the convention. YES read correctly, on Sunday, you can come back to the Diorama Workshop and BRING HOME your masterpiece. Oh and thanks to GEN CON and LUCASFILM, the entire workshop is COMPLETELY FREE !!! now how can you top that? :)


Once you complete your scene, the diorama is placed on the tables along the rear area alongside my Palpatine's Arrival (Displayed in public for the first time outside Montreal) The more of you participate, the Bigger and Taller the Death Star becomes. You can visit often during the day to see how quickly the construction has grown since your last visit :)


In the coming weeks I will be putting up a poll for you to vote on which NiubNiub Dioramas you would like to see displayed on these shelves. It's gonna be an exciting weekend for sure. So start saving your money and call your travel agent :P

There are many more surprises yet announced...So many cool stuff you will NOT want to miss. Check out the main News Page for further updates.


special thanks to EVABLUE.COM and GPCP for special interactive web coding