Monday - January 29 - 2007


As you know, a Diorama comes to life when you start populating it with the Hasbro figures. With an estimated construction of 300 trees at 24 feet long X 16 feet wide, that will be A LOT of forest, and we're going to need hundreds of figures and vehicles to do it justice. One figure for every Diorama Builder to be exact.



Celebration III's Diorama Fund was a HUGE success, you guys really put your hearts into it and allowed the Death Star Builders to bring home not ONE but TWO figures each !!! That was awesome. So I am hopefull this year will be as successfull if not more so...

Before you send us your figures, there is a guide line. the character MUST have walked around ENDOR in Episode 6: RETURN OF THE JEDI . So please, NO 200 leftover Jar Jar's or Qui Gons LOL.

Figures needed include ... Han Solo Endor, Princess Leia (not sailbarge or bousch etc... ONLY ENDOR outfits, Luke, Darth vader, C-3P0 C-3P0 in chair, R2 Endor, Chewbacca, Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, ATST Drivers, ATAT drivers, Endor Soldiers, EWOKS !!! well you get the picture :)

We also need a few ships for specific scenes, namely a few AT-ST's, 1 or 2 AT-AT's and a Shuttle. Bunker Playsets would be cool also as well as Speeder Bikes trooper, leia and luke versions all good

Please send your donated figures to the following address...

ILM c/o Frank D'iorio
1110 Gorgas Avenue
San Francisco, Ca 94129



Remember, ALL MATERIALS will be given away for FREE on the LAST DAY of Celebration IV, as the fans come pick up their creations. Names of the donors will also be honored here online AND at the Workshop.

I have faith that together we can make this happen again.NONE of the donated figures go into MY personal collection. EVERYTHING will be given away to the FANS at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Thank you all for your help. Star Wars Fans RULE !!! :)

Frank. D. Niubniub



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