May 22, 2007


Today was my LAST day on TRANSFORMERS. WOW what a ride !!! I cannot wait to go see it on July 4th. This movie will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF !!!

So with little sleep in my system from finishing my last shot, John and I will be going to Enterprise rent a car at 4pm to pick up our Cargo Van and fill it up with all our workshop materials. We estimate loading the truck to finish around 8-9pm at which point we head off for a lovely 6-7 hour drive to Los Angeles. We should arrive around 2 in the morning.

Wednesday is set up day. I will be taking pictures of our process. This year I have my laptop with me and Internet Hotel Connection will allow me to do same night updates instead of waiting till I get home. However, remember that at night I am planning and preparing the events for the next day. So the workshop live coverage will be limited to more pics and less text then usual. I won't have time to crop and write text every night.

To compensate, be sure to check my Video Diary every night and maybe more often if time permits.

Stay tuned... it's gonna be one heck of a ride !!!! :)



May 19, 2007


I can now say that I am MORE excited then ever to go to Celebration IV :)

The day started good. I had my before last Transformers shot approved at dailies just in time for 11:30.
As John and I made our way to the meeting point, our 8 winners were waiting patiently with HUGE grins on their faces.

It's not everyday after all that you get to go inside the doors of Industrial Light & Magic :P

At closer inspection 2 of the 8 didn't show up on time which was good for Eric, Instead of waiting outside on a bench for 3 hours, he was able to join us inside.

We started up the stairs looking at models from Galaxy Quest, Jurassic Park, E.T. and Star Wars before heading into the Premiere Theater where we watched some Making of footage of Posseidon, Mission Impossible III and Pirates. Also watched the ultra cool Transformers Trailer :) Everyone loved it :)

AFter 20 or so minutes, we all headed down to LucasArts and the Dining Commons. It was very cool to find out that EVERYONE was coming to Celebration IV next week. Talked a little about how it is to work at one of the best fx company in the world, preparing the trees for endor landscaping and the awesome prizes we will be giving away at the show, ILM, Lucasfilm and LucasArts exclusive merchandise.

After lunch I handed each their own Ewok Landscaping Pin. And how could I not give them each an official NiubNiubs DIorama Workshop T-Shirt. There was also a special gift I made just for the 8 of them, but that will have to remain between us unless they care to bring them to the convention :)

We then went to our final stop... The Skywalker General Store. This place is Da Bomb !!! :) I know everyweek I get sucked back in from the lure of a NEW item fresh on the shelves. DOH !!! :) I can say all had a tough time choosing what to buy. Sooooo many choices.

After 30 minutes we took our group photo at the Yoda Fountain. The same one you might have seen on Conan.
An in all a really fun time.

I want to thank all who sent in their name and number but didn't get selected. Maybe there will be another time. Hopefully though, we will still see each other at Celebration IV, where I can GUARANTEE you will catch the ILM excitement.

See you all next week !!!! it's back to work for me. Only 4 more days till my dream come true poofs away LOL!!!



January 29, 2007


I first was contacted about Celebration IV last september, around the same time my final interviews with ILM we're going on. Would I be interested in doing ANOTHER workshop after the success of CII: Mos Eisley and CIII: Death Star. well, mmmm, let me think about it 2 seconds... LOL, well DUH, In a heartbeat of course :)

The biggest question of course is what scene to create. Well with the 30th anniversary of Star Wars this year, a Mos Eisley would have been cool, but we had done that at Celebration II. Death Star was done last year at Celebration III and so what was left... outer space? not too practical LOL. I also knew I wanted to return to the flat display as opposed to last year's stack'em up like the Death Star. What came logically was ENDOR !!!

Selecting Endor, allows you guys, and girls, a great amount of building choices depending on the amount of time you wish to spend at the Diorama Workshop. With a whopping 5 days, you can choose to drop by 2-3 hours and create a rope bridge to hook 2 trees together, or you can come 1 day and build and "plant" your tree, or come back a 2nd and 3rd day and create and attach to your tree a Ewok Hutt. Maybe join forces with a few friends and tackle a ATAT/Shuttle landing platform, or Endor Bunker.

The great part of the process is that visitors will actually see the progress of the Diorama every hour they pass by as builders plant their trees as they are completed as opposed to ONLY on the LAST day of the convention as in the past 2 workshops.

Also a fun feature will be a "LIVE" speeder bike chase using miniature train tracks and Hasbro figures.

Come back often these next couple of months to see how this will come together and watch the step by steps of how you will actually be creating the trees and ewok huts and all that comes bewtween. It's gonna be a great workshop, no, awesome workshop !!! :) reserve that plane ticket to L.A. today :P



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