Monday - June 11 - 2007


Now as a Star Wars fan AND Graphic Designer I can honestly tell you that this is TOO cool. To have my first ever NiubNiub's Universe T-Shirt for sale not on some tiny website but at SHOPSTARWARS.COM now I can die a happy Ewok. LOL.

If you weren't one of the lucky 100 who won one of these great Ewok Landscaping T-Shirts at the show, here is your chance to bring home one real COOL souvenir if I do say so myself :) Hee hee. And to top it off, I don't need to LOOSE my VOICE in the process :) Those who spent time at the workshop will understand that reference right? LOL.

Please BUY BUY BUY, I don't get a penny from the sales - Don't get upset for me - it was at my own request in order to get the shirts offered to you. My goal is that If enough of you guys buy them, then maybe Next Convention, we will be able to have them sold AT THE GIFT SHOP !!!! now THAT would be totally wicked :)



Friday - April 13 - 2007


Yes ladies and Gentleman, We have some T-Shirts for you at the Workshop :)

Be the coolest builders at the show by wearing these great Ewok Landscaping Builders T-Shirts. How much are they you ask? Well, I couldn't decide so I decided to ... GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE !!!!!

Yes you heard right, Every day during the workshop, your Diorama Workshop I.D. badge will once again give you the chance to WIN one of these awesome collectibles. If you don't win one day, remember your chances are good again the next and the next... The more days you participate at the Diorama Workshop, The MORE chances you have to win all the amazing prizes we have for you all.

What is VERY VERY cool for ME as a Star Wars fan and graphic designer is the fact that for the first time since being involved in creating the Diorama Workshops, the shirt becomes my first OFFICIAL lucasfilm item. Yes you heard right, after the show, the shirts will be available for sale on StarWars.Com !!!




Friday - April 06 - 2007


Now this has me VERY VERY EXCITED. When you will first arrive to this year's Diorama Workshop, we will hand you your very own EXCLUSIVE Ewok Landscaping I.D. Badge. Plastified and ready to attach to your lanyard, your badge will quickly become your new BEST friend :)

On the front, your badge has your very own number, that will identify both you AND your tree. On the back is a playing card style design featuring the Celebration IV logo. However... NOT ALL CARDS have this SAME BACK :)

If you pass your mouse over the bottom badges you will see what makes these badges OH SO SO Special :)

WOW, What's this? these company logos look somewhat familiar to you don't they? :)

Yes indeed, Working on TRANSFORMERS at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic this past winter, has given me an opportunity that I was not able to do in the past 2 workshops ... Have direct contact with the convention organisers (one floor above my desk) and of course... Realise my childhood dream.

My excitement when I first arrived and saw 30 years of cool matte paintings, props, and yes, Stormtroopers in the hallways, is what I want to share with you at the show. Exactly how will I attempt to do this? well... When you personally pick up and choose your badge, you will flip it over...

1) If you find a ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) Logo on the back, YOU WIN an EXCLUSIVE ILM item by ONLY available to LUCASFILM employees. Like T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs. Specific items and pics to come soon.

2) If you find a LUCAS ARTS Logo on the back, YOU WIN some really cool stuff like Star Wars Playstation 2 games, T-Shirts and other cool promotional items ONLY available from LucasArts. Specific items and pics to come soon.

3) If you find a LUCASFILM Logo on the back, YOU WIN some really cool STAR WARS items DIRECT from the LUCASFILM vaults. Some never before available in North America. Specific items and pics to come soon.

Chances to win are aproximately 1 in 4. So that's Very Very GOOD ODDS :) What other place at the convention will be giving you such amazing prizes - hee hee. But don't be sad if your cardback has just a plain background, this is where your personal I.D. Number can come in VERY handy :) but you will have to wait a little longer to find out about that :) I know, I am soooo mean to make you wait so long ;p

Oh, and if you thought THESE Lucas related prizes were cool, the BEST is yet to come. It's only the BEGINNING of the adventure... you will just DIE when you find out what else you might be lucky enough to bring home with you.




Tuesday - April 03 - 2007


Yes the pins have arrived. Today I am happy to show you the FIRST CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE item we will be GIVING AWAY to visitors of the Ewok Landscaping DIorama Workshop...

...The winning pin voted fan fave was the black one. However since this was my very first pin ever designed and created, I wasn't aware of some of the tecnical restrictions you need for the ink colors to fall into the metal grooves etc... So I used the black background fan fave and created a slight variation...

... Only 500 have been made. That means 100 visitors have a chance each day to get their pins. 50 at 9:00 am, first come first serve, then at 1:00pm another 50 on the same first come first serve basis. If we don't have any left that day, you can always return the next day for your chance to own this convention exclusive.







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