Right after my plane landed in Orlando, Fletch came to help me load ALL of our ART SUPPLIES that were being stored at my friend's Philip's house.


All this styrofoam needed to be brought to the convention center. Two stacks taller then we are STILL wasn't enough to last TWO construction days. We had to go buy THIS SAME quantity on the Thursday night !!!


Philip's ENTIRE closet was filled with MORE Art Supplies and FAN DONATIONS !!!


A quick check of my Bumper Sticker Decals that had arrived just this morning. Cool !!! But I forgot to keep one for myself for my OWN collection - DUH - Dumb NiubNiub LOL.


We had to do 14 trips back and forth to empty the appartment.


The styrofoam filled the entire half of the U-Haul van from floor to tippy top of the ceiling !!!


In the back you can see all the Fan Toy Donations. I was AMAZED at how many donations we received. Thank you again SO SO much.


Arriving at the convention center, man is this place HUGE. The coolest part of organizing these workshops, is being able to have the luxury of walking around as everyone is putting together their own sections. The energy level is so high and anticipation for the fans to arrive is just great.


My first glimpse of a Star Wars sign... This is for real - I'm actually doing another Diorama Workshop :)


Do I see TONS of TABLES in the distance? ;p


Here we go ... This is where we were located this year. Right in the MAIN HALL less then 100 feet from the HASBRO booth. Now how cool is that?


Do you want to make your own Echo Base Diorama at home?
These sections are also available to help with this creation.

You can also see MORE of the Diorama Workshop in VIDEO FORM on YouTubeNNU