JULY 31, 2003 - THURSDAY
I am SO happy to announce that the Palpatine's Arrival is NOW on public display !!!
Let me start with a BIG BIG thanks to Steve and Jose for giving me the opportunity to share my BIGGEST creation with the public.
If you are planning on visiting Montreal during the next 6 months, you must swing by and see it in person :)
Sure the site diorama pictures are cool, but your eyes give the scenes a depth that the camera just cannot capture.

Legends Action Figures is easy to get to. Metro Jean Talon brings you 1 block of 7104 St-Hubert Street.
Come pick up your EXCLUSIVE souvenir Palpatine's Arrival Fridge Magnet and Sign the Guestbook.
If you have questions before your visit, call Legends at 514-277-1867

Now unfortunately not everyone will able to fly to Montreal :( so fear not my fellow diorama makers :)
I have tried to create what I think best shows you the experience of visiting the store.
choose a link to begin your tour :)

If you want to see what it was like to be in my shoes, start at the top and work your way down.
If you only want to see the Diorama Displays, select the "Legends Exhibit" banner.