Now this helmet is just too awsome. It's exactly like in the film and for ONLY 60 bucks ! There is a hood that protects your neck from the sand blasts and the goggles raise, lower and even pivot.

The helmet itself is of a really hard plastic that will never deform like the soft vinyl ones. Don Post did an AMAZING job on this one :)


Who can resist a cool mask replica when it's under $80 right?
After purchasing my 6th mask, I got the idea that if I made the costumes to go with them, I would be able to somewhat re-create part of the lucasfilm archives in my own home :)

I found this at Spencer's during a routine trip to the US.
When I saw it, I grabbed it immediately. It is my first mask/helmet purchase from episode 1. I do not know if the quality of the other items is as good as this one. I hope to get the others soon.