This helmet is very basic, the most dissapointing thing is the visor center is painted black plastic of the helmet :( There is a small slit at the top and covered with a cheap plastic sheet like sunglasses. You can lower and raise the scope which is cool.

However, the plastic is soft vinyl which causes the mask to deform and become lopsided. Harder plastic and a full lenz would have given this mask a 10/10.


Who can resist a cool mask replica when it's under $80 right?
After purchasing my 6th mask, I got the idea that if I made the costumes to go with them, I would be able to somewhat re-create part of the lucasfilm archives in my own home :)

I found this at Spencer's during a routine trip to the US.
When I saw it, I grabbed it immediately. It is my first mask/helmet purchase from episode 1. I do not know if the quality of the other items is as good as this one. I hope to get the others soon.