This helmet was my first and ONLY deluxe fiberglass Don Post purchase. It is Soooo HUGE and beautifull, I am really happy to have gotten it. Cast from the Lucasfilm Empire Molds, it is still to this day, one of the most accurate versions of the Darth Vader helmets.

The bad thing was ... the over $1000 original cost. Grrrr. The good news ... for me at least - was that I had another overtime hell project that just hapened to cover the cost of the Mask. Thank you TVA :)


Who can resist a cool mask replica when it's under $80 right? Okay so this one cost $1200 US :) The rest of the costume is home made. I sewed the body suit using a simplicity leopard halloween costume and the material from our old couch - LOL.

I will take pictures as soon as I have time to sew in the zipper in the back of the jumpsuit. I purchased the Chest Plate, also made of fiberglass, from Galaxy Trading, The same place that made my cool stormtrooper costume.