Okay I know, I know, I'm cheating again - This dude - oops - dudette :) is from Raiders Of The Lost Ark. That is however a Lucasfilm movie so I thought I'd try and sneak him into the Star Wars gang.

I really like this sculpture even if it's only a piece of plaster painted gold :) At least it is 1:1 scaled like the movie version.


While reading Tomart's Action Figure Digest I saw this prop in Amok Time's ad and under $100.00... Not too bad for me money wise and 5000% profit for them :) - C'mon $1.30 worth of plaster - LOL

Hey, if you've been looking around the site for a while now, you know by know I'm a sucker for movie props. I do work in film, so I use that as an excuse :)

Soon, I plan on building his little platform to sit on top of.