Now we're talking :) - Just about the most kick butt design ever to be in a movie and now in my home theater. This costumes quality is simply OUTSTANDING ! I have seen the ACTUAL Stormtrooper costumes at work, in the hallways at ILM, and you could not tell the difference. Even up close and personal, the details are all the same. AWESOME !!! The pictures really don't do it justice.


I, like most of you reading this - cough cough - Dream of owning a Stormtrooper costume but ouch the prices... Some as much as $2,500.00 to $5,000 and even more on the net until by chance I landed a site no longer with us :( (FX ARMOR)

When I saw the quality of the suit and the too good to be true price (under $600)
I knew the time to order had come :)

This is one of my most treasured items and what gave me the idea to make costumes for the other characters. One day when I win the lotto - LOL - I will get my Boba Fett costume (and Tie Pilot, and Biker Scout, and Tusken Raider, and....you get the idea)