Boba was the first maquette I bought in a store, in person as opposed to phone catalog ordering. (This was before the internet - YES - I know, I'm that old LOL...
I imagine you can also call it impulse :) - Looking at him in the magazines I was not eager to get him. When I saw him however, I knew I had to get him, he looks a lot cooler than in the photos.

My only complaint is that his helmet is a bit too puffy, like an overinflated balloon :) Maybe one could decapitate him and replace it with Ryddell's Mini Helmet.


Yoda's Illusive's Maquettes was the first item that got me hooked into high end collectibles. Their high quality and reasonable prices were very affordable (until the Rancor that is) ... Why / how does a company jump from $200 price range one year to $700 the year after for the same size and quality product ? Beats me!

Illusive has since lost their Star Wars licence and no longer produces Maquettes :( Sad Sad