Apart from the ugly painted eyes, Yoda is really cool.
There are imperfections in the foam but that is to be expected when working with latex. I don't think the company had control of where air bubbles would create craters in his skin.

I was hoping to one day replace the painted eyes with glass eyes to make him more lifelike but today, after more then 10 years in my care, I just noticed his skin being too thin and made of latex has started cracking like broken glass. He has become so fragile, I fear he has little time before heading to Jedi Heaven.


Yoda's Illusive's Maquettes was the first item that got me hooked into high end collectibles. Their high quality and reasonable prices were very affordable (until the Rancor that is) ... Why / how does a company jump from $200 price range one year to $700 the year after for the same size and quality product ? Beats me!

Illusive has since lost their Star Wars licence and no longer produces Maquettes :( Sad Sad