Movie accurate props ROCK !!! and products that cost $300 NOT $3000 ROCK even more !!! :) Was I glad Master Replicas decided to go the cheaper route and allow more collectors to take home this iconic remote. Just like in the film !!!


One of the coolest scenes in the original Star Wars was when Ben teaches Luke about the Force. What a thrill it was when I heard that Master Replicas was making a Jedi training Remote - Woohoo. And to top it off it wasn't a Prop you had to pay $5,000 for like Icons used to - Cough Cough :P

The Paint job is Very Much like the Movie Version. I compared it with 3 Lucasfilm Archive Books and it's hard to tell them apart. Master Replicas sure did their homework :) The only downside I felt was with it's Weight. It is so Light (Hollow Ball) you are scared that just touching it will cause it to break.

M.R. included a nifty little transparent stand that is curved with a little needle on it's tip that fits right into the hole at the Bottom of the Remote. This creates the illusion of floating in Mid - Air. A VERY cool effect. Hats off to the Designers who thought that one up :)

All in all, I am THRILLED to have this added to my collection. If you have the money to purchase one - GET ONE NOW. The run is Limited and will go fast I am sure.