Wednesday - November 25 - 2009


When I first heard about this concert series I never thought it would tour Canada, not to mention Montreal, but to my surprise the show did indeed do a stopover in my home city. My friend Frank asked me if I wanted to go and I thought back at Celebration II where we attended a similar concert but with a High School Orchestra, not a full symphony, (and that was cool) so imagine how this would sound ??? so I said YES YES !!!

The irony is that Frank called me the night before the concert (which was a wednesday) to tell me he was stuck at work and could no longer attend. Hopefully this will give him (and you guys who weren't lucky enough to have the tour come to your city) a little snippet of what transpired that evening.

The famous logo we know and love fades into the distance at the start of a wonderfull 2 hours of music.





There were a couple of things that my friends and I agreed upon after the show and it's a bad because of a good. Let me explain...

First off, the Orchestra is AMAZING !!! If the musical score is fused into your brain like it is mine (and I'll bet it is :) when you hear the music, it is 100% no... 500% the SAME as listening to the CD. That is the good part, The Bad part is that throughout the show, there are clips from the movie that play with this music. Now of course you MUST watch the screen when these images appear as they are just TOO COOL - however - doing so, makes you forget there is an orchestra playing LIVE and it feels like you are just watching a film in the cinema.

There are also here and there, sound bites of the characters which distract more then enhance the music, at least im my mind (and my friends agree). So had there not been images to distract us, we would have felt more like being at the symphony and concentrate our eyes on the orchestra players. Which brings me to...

But first... another BIG annoyance for us, sorry Anthony, we LOVE you but there were TOO MANY "blah blah blah" moments between EACH song and totally broke the rythm of the music. I (we) would have prefered Anthony chat with us then 2-4 songs then Anthony, then 3 more songs then Anthony etc... That would have been more pleasant for us. Talking for 5 minutes between songs is just too long. Maybe shorter would have been less invasive.

Ok, back to the orchestra players....



What we enjoyed the BEST, is when they used the giant screen - which in itself is SO SO impressive - to show us CLOSE UPS of the orchestra players. To see their faces, the emotions, the insane violent back and forth pace of the violin bows, the cymbal craher waiting for his big moment and the horns shifting their tuba pipes in and out. That was GREAT !!! and most important - made us remember, HEY, I'm at a concert not at the cinema.

So, had there been MORE of this and LESS actual film footaage and sound bites, I think it would have been a 10/10. as is... I still give it a 7.5/10 for the experience and a 10/10 for the music. It so totally sounded like John Williams and his orchetra. Pure JOY !!!





C-3P0 was just one of many original Lucasfilm Props from all films. Some of which I had never seen, not even in our ILM Presidio Offices. To the right are some actors dressed up as your fave characters and happy to pose with you during the intermission. The KIDS LOVED that.

I personally (and my friends who came with me) was surprised at the quality of some of these "actor" costumes. They looked more like something you can buy at Rubies - Especially the Chewbacca guy... man that looked really BAD, like he came out of a washing machine and forgot to comb his hair LOL. You couldn't see his eyes, it was just 2 BLACK holes, kinda scarry actually. They could have glued the mask to his eyes like in the movies to make him look more like the film.

He was the exception though, Vader, Boba fett. Royal Guards looked really sweet.



Yes of course !!!

Even though I think I would have prefered a more traditional concert without the video distractions and set in our city's Arts Center as opposed to an Arena setting, There are more Pro's then Con's to warrant you to NOT attend if you are lucky enough to see the show.

If the tour comes to your city in the coming weeks, BUY YOUR TICKET NOW !!! I don't get money from Lucasfilm for saying that, it's just that I know true fans will LOVE it and it's a great evening for you to bring the kids also without paying "Madonna" style $300 tickets.

Enjoy... Let me know what you thought... I'll add a comments page if I get lots of feedback.

Frank. D. NiubNiub




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