C-3P0 Cloud City Capture
Wave 04: Collection 1 - 02/#38
Released: June 2002
Purchased: June 10, 2002 - FREE - Comes with Chewbacca Bespin
From the movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Articulation: Head comes off.
Accessories: None
Paint Job: Nice weathering. Lots of colored wires :)
Premiums: Comes with Chewbacca Cloud City Capture
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Force Action: None
Best Part: Light up Eyes when Head is connected to Torso
Worst Part: Arms and Legs are 1 piece molded plastic
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Episode 5 - Bespin - Bespin Boiler (Coming Soon)
Episode 5 - Bespin - Bespin Hallway (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: WOW, this is really cool. A really great version of the dismantled droid. True he is all one molded piece, apart from the torso and head, but that makes him different from Dismamtled C-3P0. The only thing I am a bit dissapointed by is the eye light up feature. The lights are NOT in the eye sockets. It's in his chest. The light goes up his neck to a chamber in his head, much like the Jawas. Because the metal contact hides most of the neck opening, only half of 3P0's eyes light up at a time depending on the angle you look at. Still a cool addition and FREE with Chewbacca Cloud City Capture :)
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Steven Mignone Not bad...i like him a lot! Looks cool B+
Eric Stevens Would be better if he could get fully asssembled Head perfect for Customs A
Scott Chalmers Awesome weathering-will look great in Dioramas What's not to like? A-
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