Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony
Wave 09: Collection 1 - 03/#07
Released: January 2003
Purchased: March 13, 2003 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Head, Arms (Ball Joint), Elbows, Waist, Legs and Ankles
Accessories: Cape, Plastic Blue lightsaber
Paint Job: Below Average, Dark Brown on Brown Plastic.
Premiums: None
Likeness: Pretty good actually.
Force Action: None
Best Part: Ankle Articulation
Worst Part: Cape WAY too big, Metal hand looks like a Raisin.
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Episode 2 - Naboo - Secret Wedding (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: Yuk Yuk yuk. What is the 200th Anakin? The face sculpt is ok but his hands...On the left is gargantuan and on the right, his robot hand, looks like a dried up raisin. WAY too small. Going the opposite direction is the Cape...Man is this thing HUGE though very nicely sculpted. I think it looks ugly with the 2 strips going down the front. try wrapping them behind the body. A huge improvement in the look of the figure. I also don't get why we have Ankle articulation on BOTH feet for Ani. Boba only got ONE. Ani is supposed to be at a wedding, he doen't need ankle articulation - LOL. Perhaps when Padme Wedding comes out, Anakin will look better in my eyes. As for now, if you are low on cash, I'd put him at the bottom of the "Must Buy" list.
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David Donovan You can put him in all kinds of poses. The articulation B+
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