Cantina Aliens: Greedo
Wave 01: Cantina Bar Deluxe - Walmart USA Exclusive
Released: August 2002
Purchased: August 24, 2002 - $16.99 Canadian
From the movie: A New Hope
Articulation: Head, Arms, Waist, Legs and Knees
Accessories: Bar Section with 2 Stools, 3 Glasses
Paint Job: Stripes on green plastic, Weathering on Face
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Force Action: None
Best Part: Much improved Head Paintjob
Worst Part: Greedo Number 3 :(
You can see Cantina Greedo in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Tatooine - Cantina (New Pictures Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: As in the previous 2 Cantina packs, I give a big hand of applause to Hasbro for giving us Diorama Accesories as bonus packins with the figures. I always knew dioramas were cool - hee hee - now seems Hasbro is picking up on the fact that fans like to display their figures in movie like surroundings. I guess the best thing about this Greedo would be if you missed out on getting the Commtech Version, because this is the SAME figure with brown boots and darker Vest - please hold back your excitement :) At least if they were gonna make a 3rd Greedo they chose the one with the Knee Articulation. The head does look better then the Comtech version but that's about it. I just hope that one of the future waves has the ROUND END!!!!
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Steven Mignone where is his blaster?! Paint Job A
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