Ephant Mon
Wave 09: Collection 2 - 02/#45
Released: October 2002
Purchased: November 01, 2002 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Return Of The Jedi
Articulation: Head, Arms, Wrists, Legs, Tail and Jaw
Accessories: Cane, Vibroblade
Paint Job: WAY WAY WAY Above Average.
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Force Action: None
Best Part: Hasbro made it !!!
Worst Part: Trouble standing - Tips forwards
You can see Ephant Mon in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 6 - Tatooine - Jabba's Palace (New Pictures Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: Ok, so is this Hasbro or McFarlane? A rival to Baba Fett 300 :D When I saw pictures I thought hey, he looks cool. But holding him in person...This has got to be THE BEST figure ever made in the entire Star Wars line. Full articulation including both wrists, he can even open and close his mouth. Awesome. Whoever is responsible for creating this figure deserves a HUGE RAISE. When you see this figure up close you will understand just why I love it so much. The only downside is that the figures weight makes him easily tip over, but the amazing paintjob and Sculpt totally make up for it. You can always have him leaning a little against the palace walls ;p BRAVO Hasbro!!!
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Steven Mignone WOW! What a great figure Everything A+
Ego Rhys Ephant is the Mon! Finally, Ephant Mon! A+
skwishy Ccool that he needs his walking stick to stand Best figure EVER! A+
J. Hinchion Wish it could stand better. Awesome figure A+
Julien Metifeux Best figure ever (Paid $$$$, but it's worth it) The whole figure A+
Doug D. My favorite. Though it is hard to find Best figure made yet. A+
Jaco Way This is the best figure ever Only 5 bucks :) A+
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