Han Solo Hoth Rescue
Wave 10: Collection 1 - 03/#13
Released: May 2003
Purchased: May 22, 2003 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Articulation: Head, Arms, Elbows, Spring Loaded Waist and Legs
Accessories: Luke's Blue Lightsaber, Blaster, Removable Face Mask and Sensor Pack
Paint Job: Average but NO Weathering :(
Premiums: None
Likeness: Looks Exactly like the Movie when his Mask covers his Face :)
Force Action: Push Button makes Waist Spin. Woohoo - LOL.
Best Part: Cool Coat Scult and Design
Worst Part: Action Button out of back
You can see Han Solo Hoth Rescue in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 5 - Hoth - Rebel Base (New Pictures Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: Compared to the disaster of Chewbacca Mynock, this 200th Han or is it 201? :P is actually a pretty cool figure. Why, I can sum it up in ONE word...ok, 2 words...Removable Mask. The design and sculpt are lightyears ahead of the original Han Hoth. And he was cool when he came out. If you own the Zam Wessell Figure, you are probably familiar with the way Han's Mask works. Snap it on to cover his face and give him a totally unique look from the other Hoth figure's we've had since 1995. Having transparent goggles is also Extremely COOL. Excellent Hasbro :) Elbow Articulation is always good and having them on BOTH arms make up for the POOPOO Action Feature. You see Han has this BIG Button sticking out of his Butt that lets you swing his Waist. Woo hoo..Now that's worth your 10 bucks - LOL. Also his legs are a little wide. I guess those snowy Ica Caps make it hard to stand still properly. Let's just hope he doesn't pull a groin musscle :) On the plus side, Han's Blaster fits into the Sculpted Holster and he simply just looks SO COOL. All in all not bad for a 20 dollar figure. What? you paid only 10 bucks? Ahh...I guess you didn't count the BROWN coat version coming out in 2 months :P
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