Jango Fett Kamino Escape
Wave 01: Collection 1 - 02/#13
Released: April 23, 2002
Purchased: April 23, 2002 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Arms, Elbows, Legs, Neck and Waist
Accessories: Mitrinomon Z-5 Jetpack, 2 Blasters, Grapling hook, Helmet
Paint Job: Above Average but no Weathering :(
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Force Action: None
Best Part: Removable Helmet, Extra Articulation
Worst Part: Visor desn't come down ;P - None really
You can see Jango Fett Kamino Escape in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Kamino - Landing Platform (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: Now we are cooking. Finally a figure that loks cool and has none of those goofy gimmicks. Plus having his helmet come off is a nice touch. i LOVE it. You can even pull out his rocket from the jet Pack. A little bonus to recreate the fight scene from the movie :)
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Steven Mignone WOW! what a turn around since the deluxe jango! Grapling hook is too cool A
Kachiu Family Wow! incredible details Gimmicks that are cool. A+
Glen Kyle Full of features that don't interfere with the look Best figure ever A+
Jango Fett 530 Love this figure, has all of the action poses you want The holsters!...go Hasbro! A+
Maui Deomampo The best Jango there is! No cheap gimmicks. Helmet to the holsters. WOW A+
Gavas B. Much better than sneak peek. At least he can move Helmet, rocket, grappling A
Allt-Yr-Yn LTC This is my fave figure in my collection! Amazing A+
Kathryn Rosenberg Tons of features and is fun to play with Best Hasbro fig in Saga line A+
Scott Chalmers THIS is how to do figures Everything! A+
Torrellas Derek Only bad part is the long string of the grappling hook Removable helmet and face A
Daryl Beck Great figure all the way around :) Removeable helmet A
Josh Podbury Love the new paint design and grappling hook paint A
Brandon Lu The best Jango figure yet! One of the best figs of 02 Tons of accessories A+
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