Mace Windu Arena Confrontation
Wave 09: Collection 1 - 03/#02
Released: January 2003
Purchased: March 13, 2003- $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Head, Rubber Arms, Waist and Legs
Accessories: Cloth Capem Puple Metal Rod Lightsaber
Paint Job: Average with NO Weathering.
Premiums: None
Likeness: 98% Sam Jackson :D
Force Action: Giant Lollipop allows you to Animate Rubber Arms.
Best Part: This is Actually SO MUCH FUN !!!
Worst Part: PooPoo Cloth Cape
You can see Mace Windu Arena Confrontation in the folowing dioramas...
None - EXTREMELY COOL to play with but DEAD AWFULL for Diorama Display.
Final Thoughts: OK...are you sitting down? Yes, you are about to witness a FIRST on Niubniub's...I admit I actually like - no wait...LOVE this Action Feature. Even if Hasbro switched the cape to cloth (on the card back it's plastic) moving the stick around gives mace the Jedi Moves of Sam Jackson!!! I know...when we first saw that HUGE Lollipop sticking out of his back in the preview pictures, we all said GROSS, POOPOO, YUK. But I tell you, when opened...Who cares...this figure is FUN FUN FUN - LOL.

Now if you wonder if I have totaly lost it :P I want you to know that for a Diorama figure, this is total PooPoo. Who wants a metal rod sticking out in a display. But as a Figure to Play with, it's the best thing this side of Geonosis. Hats off to whoever invented this concept. If you can sit at your desk with this toy and NOT swing the arms and make the lightsaber sounds while smiling, I will give you...mmmm...25 cents LOL. Seriously, if you see him, get him and open him. You will be surprised at how cool this gimmick is.
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