Padme Amidala Arena Escape
Wave 01: Collection 1 - 02/#02
Released: April 23, 2002
Purchased: April 23, 2002 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Left Arms, Right Elbow, Legs, Neck and Spring Waist - YUK!!!!
Accessories: Blaster, Metal Chain and Arena Breakaway Column
Paint Job: Basic 2 color job. No Weathering or details :(
Premiums: None
Likeness: This is Realscan Technology?
Maybe a Little likeness in profile.
Force Action: Spin her waist and she lowers her arm
Best Part: Main character in first wave of releases
Worst Part: What is with this PooPoo action? Spring gives us one pose :(
You can see Padme Amidala Arena Escape in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Geonosis - Arena (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: I think the first thing I must get off my chest is how much I HATE having ACTION features in the figures. Maybe if I was 5 and played with the figures I might feel different but having spring mechanisms inside greatly reduces the poses you want to give the figure for your diorama. Having her right arm always extended is awful. I really HATE this feature. I hope that Collection 1 dies a RAPID death. Had this figure been articulated like all in the past I would have given her a B+. To think I thought cloth figures were PooPoo :)
What do you think?
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Steven Mignone I wouldl like her a lot more if her arm could move!! Another Nat.., uh Padme :) C-
Matt Barnosky She never pulls the pillar down in the movie Still Cool feature A
Jango Fett 530 ohhhh god do I hate this figure!....Spring action stupid None F
Stéphanie B.. Only an action pause :( Look like a Lara Croft decoy Torn tee-shirt on her back B+
Scott Chalmers After 2 hours I finially got the chain off her hand! Um, her boots? ;p F
Torrellas Derek It's alright, but having right arm always up stinks. Break-apart Column B-
Eric Stevens My first one, hasn't been another arena yet Halter top :P B+
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