R2-D2 Droid Factory Flight
Wave 10: Collection 1 - 03/#09
Released: January 2003
Purchased: March 13, 2003 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Head and Center Foot
Accessories: String
Paint Job: Blue on White, AWFULL Dome.
Premiums: None
Likeness: From another room looks like R2 :)
Force Action: Push center leg up to push out Side Rockets. Pull string to fly up.
Best Part: Pulling string actually makes him climb thread - Woohoo.
Worst Part: WORST R2 EVER. Dull grey Dome - NO Chrome - YUK. And his Legs are sculpted to his Body for Action Feature to work. :(
You can see R2-D2 Factory Flight in the folowing dioramas...
Niubniub's Bedroom - In a box hidden under the bed.
Final Thoughts: Ah man...After opening this figure, it's a good thing Hasbro mentioned that Luke, Vader and Snowtrooper are the LAST of the Action Feature Figures. How could they do this to our fave little trash can? First off, His body and legs are all ONE piece of plastic. NO acrticulation here. If that isn't bad enough, why not take away the trademark Chrome Dome as well. "We will just use grey paint instead - no one will notice". Uh-huh. "Wait...I think people might complain a little so let's add a pivot in the feet to prevent a riot". We can't move them more then 1 degree in each direction but at least they aren't glue on right? (Niubniub rolls his eyes)

When you push the center leg up, his booster rockets pop out the side legs. OK I admit, this is A LOT better then the Episode 1 with reveal panels, but the gimmick removes the leg articulation. There is only ONE pose for this R2. :(

Now for the Action feature...Pull the string under his center foot, and he zooms up the thread like when opening your venetian blinds. Up, Down, up, Down. Woohoo. I'm having SO much fun. LOL. I know - I know, it's aimed for KIDS PLAY. But I can BET that after 2 minutes, the child will NEVER pull that string again. I will even wager that they stick the pipe holding the thread up the foot and can't pull it out anymore (Like I just did). :D this R2 is for the TRASH. Save your money and wait for a new R2 without Action features.
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Mike Mullins Worst R2 ever! Head not chrome and disproportionate None!!!!! F
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