Commander Jorg Sacul
Celebration II Convention Exclusive
Released: May 03, 2002
Purchased: May 03, 2002 - $10.00 USA
From the movie: A New Hope :)
Articulation: Arms, Legs, Neck and Waist
Accessories: Removable Helmet
Paint Job: Average with Weathering on Beard and Details on Helmet
Premiums: Micro machine X-Wing
Likeness: Profile is DEAD ON!!!
Yep...It's George all right :)
Force Action: None
Best Part: Going to Celebration II
Worst Part: INSANE Line Ups to get him :(
You can see Jorg Sacul in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Yavin - Rebel Base (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: If I didn't have the chance to go to celebration II, This figure would be total POOPOO because I would not have one - LOL. When I heard 2 months before the show the figure was George Lucas I thought it was a lame idea. However putting him in an X-Wing pilot uniform was a cool idea. Now he can be in a diorama :) Where would I have put a flannel shirt dude in mos Eisley? :) Sneaky of Hasbro to make the visor painted black as to hide his identity - Hee hee. Very nice to have. A great souvenir of a fantastic weekend event.
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Bob Hartnett I love it Custom looks true to life :) A+
Patrick Black I glued his head on Jek Porkins body! >:) Looks like George Lucas

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