Shaak Ti Jedi Master
Wave 01: Collection 2 - 02/#10
Released: April 23, 2002
Purchased: April 23, 2002 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Arms and Head
Accessories: Blue Lightsaber, Orange laser blast deflecton FX
Paint Job: Above average, Nice details on face
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Force Action: None
Best Part: A great sculpt and looks cool
Worst Part: Limited poses
You can see Shaak Ti in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Geonosis - Arena Battle (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: What a cool looking design and figure. Right out of the movie. I love how Hasbro sculpted her to be able to hold her Lighsaber with both hands. And they even gave her Legs under her dress :) You can't move them but it's better then Jar Jar!!!
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Steven Mignone She is without a doubt the coolest jedi Everything but articulation A+
Jango Fett 530
This figure was the best one of all jedi Detail on the jedi cloak A+
Stéphanie B. Powerful Female Jedi Master Gradation in horns and head A
Scott Chalmers This is a truly great figure Laser blast A
Daryl Beck Too bad the legs are molded together Sculpt and detail B
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