Chewbacca in Trash Compactor
Wave 01: Diorama Screen Scenes
Released: December 2002
Purchased: December 10, 2002 - $24.99 Canadian
From the movie: A New Hope
Articulation: Arms and Nothing Else :(
Accessories: Lockpick...Is that in the Movie?
Paint Job: What paint? Brown Plastic is more like it.
Premiums: None
Likeness: The BEST Chewie likeness yet. Awesome.
Force Action: None
Best Part: His Height. Very Tall.
Worst Part: Where is the Articulation?
You can see Trash Diorama Chewbacca in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Death Star - Trash Compactor Deluxe
Final Thoughts: At first glance you think WOW this is THE Best Chewie EVER made. He is HUGE and his Face looks Exactly like it did in the movie. But when you hold him in your hands, you realise...Where is the Articulation? His Head cannot turn because his hair is too long over his shoulders. There is NO Waist articulation and his Legs are Sculpted to his Body. ONLY his ARMS can move up and down :( We could have at least had a turning Waist? He does look great in the set and I am happy they made him. I really LOVE the Diorama 2 packs but fear that if such Little Articulation continues, Fans will NOT buy these sets and they will die a premature death.
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