Darth Tyranus Deluxe
Wave 01: Deluxe Flipping Action Figures
Released: April 23, 2002
Purchased: April 23, 2002 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Arms, Right Wrist, Legs, Neck and Waist
Accessories: Force Flipping Base,
Sculpted in hand Red Lightsaber
Paint Job: Your joking right?
2 colors in hair, that's it.
Premiums: None
Likeness: This is Christopher Lee? Hmmm....
Force Action: Push lever and he summersaults onto pad - LOL
Best Part: None, this concept is lame.
Worst Part: Who thought up this Force Flip should get fired ;P
You can see Darth Tyranus Deluxe in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Geonosis - Jedi Duel (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: If anyone can make him land more then 2 times in 100 tries send me an email :) Who thought of this stupid gimmick? Having the Lightsaber permanently sculpted in his hand is bad :( Lack of paint detail doesn't help either. And having 2 giant magnets on his toes makes it IMPOSSIBLE to stand anywhere else besides his Base. Please Hasbro...make us a better Tyranus, I know you can.
What do you think?
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Steven Mignone Regular Dooku is much better and cheaper Cool idea, but doesn't work D-
Eric Stevens Such bad luck flipping it I broke the lightsaber good idea C
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