Christmas Santa C-3P0
Wave 01: Holiday Editions
Released: December 2002
Purchased: December 18, 2002 - $24.99 Canadian
From the movie: Lucaasfilm Christmas Card
Articulation: Head, Arms and Extremely Limited Legs
Accessories: Sculpted Beard stuck in Hand
Paint Job: White on Red Plastic - Blah
Premiums: Comes with Rudolf r2-D2
Likeness: The card Painting looks much better
Force Action: None
Best Part: None
Worst Part: Where do I start? LOL
You can see Christmas C-3P0 in the folowing dioramas...
None - He is back in his box and hidden under my bed - LOL
Final Thoughts: Oh my god where do I start?. For once I think cloth fur would have looked better then painted plastic cufs. What's wrong with his eyes? It's a good thing he was a gift because there is NO WAY I would even pay 2 cents for this toy. I know many of you think it's a cool idea. I guess I have Grinch Blood in me then :D I wish we would get a cool 3P0 say, with Knee Articulation. This is pure Bantha Poop. My friend thought his beard was a Washcloth!!!! LOL - Now THAT was funny. I know Santa Yoda is coming out for Christmas 2003. Save your money for him instead. At least he looks cute. UGH, What was Hasbro thinking?
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