Christmas Rudolf R2-D2
Wave 01: Holliday Editions
Released: December 2002
Purchased: December 18, 2002 - $24.99 Canadian
From the movie: Lucasfilm Christmas Card
Articulation: Head and Legs
Accessories: None
Paint Job: Basic but Nicely Done
Premiums: Comes with Santa C-3P0
Likeness: Looks like the Christmas Card Illustration
Force Action: None - Well head Clicks when turned
Best Part: Antlers
Worst Part: I can't believe they made this - LOL
You can see Christmas R2-D2 in the folowing dioramas...
None - He is back in his box and hidden under my bed - LOL
Final Thoughts: It's a good thing this was a gift. LOL. I know many of you out there think this is a cool idea. Ugh, I'm sorry but this is Corny. He is the better of the 2 pack, but that isn't saying much. Hasbro didn't even use their best R2 mold for this variant. His feet don't even pivot. I wish hasbro would have spent more energy on a cool R2. If you are going to add decorations to his dome, why not a Jabba Slave Droid with Serving Tray? At least he would be usefull in a Diorama.
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