Yoda Padawan Teacher
Wave 11: Collection 2 - 03/#15
Released: May 2003
Purchased: May 10, 2003 - $10.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Head and Legs
Accessories: Hoverchair, Green Lightsaber and Cane.
Paint Job: What Paint? - ZERO Weathering or Details :(
Premiums: Comes with Chian Padawan.
Likeness: With a good Paintjob, Would look 100% like in the Movie.
Force Action: None
Best Part: Get a cool Hover Chair. Comes with padawan :)
Worst Part: Colored Plastic - Where's the Paint?
You can see Yoda Padawan Teacher in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Coruscant - Missing Planet (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: Why are all the New Yoda's coming out with such PooPoo paint Jobs? Compared to the Episode 1 release which was AWESOME, Yoda looks a little sickish. Some weathering would definetly improve his likeness since the sculpt is very good. We simply cannot apreciate the details with just one color...oops, green plastic :D I do like how the robe fall off the back of his little floating chair but the big thick transparent stand attracks too much attention. There is one thing that you might expect from looking at pictures on the net, His legs seems split in 2 pieces like the Jawa #4 (Gonk jawa) however, they are glued together and bend in ONE piece like the Jedi Council Yoda. You know what would have really Rocked? Having snap on legs like Mcfarlane does. That way if you want Yoda to stand he looks cool and if you want him sitting, Snap on Criss Crossing Legs that Look Good and Natural NOT sticking staright out. Just an idea Hasbro :P
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