Wave 01: Diorama Screen Scenes Collection
Released: December 2002
Purchased: December 11, 2002 - FREE
From the movie: A New Hope
Articulation: Bendie Tail
Accessories: Trash Compactor Diorama playset
Paint Job: Some Red on his Head, White Teeth
Premiums: Comes with Trash Compactor Diorama Screen Scenes 2 packs
Likeness: Awesome, Just like in the movie
Force Action: None
Best Part: WOW, A NEW Dianoga!!!!
Worst Part: Can't change Eye position :(
You can see Dionaga in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Death Star - Trash Compactor Deluxe
Final Thoughts: Now this is just TOO COOL. Not since the original Death Star Playset has hasbro made a Dianoga but NEVER as accurate and Cool as this. A piece of green plastic this is NOT :D Hasbro really scored Big Points with this idea. Placing a half of the creature in each Trash Compactor Set so that you can assemble him into One Creature is Very Cool. Having a bendable tail is perfect so that you can Wrap it around Luke's neck or place it in a relaxed pose. It's just too bad that there is NO articulation in the Head. It would have been smart to be able to pivot the EYE Left To Right. How Hard would that have been? All in all though, for a Freebie pack in, this Dianoga ROCKS!!!
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