Wave 02: Saga Beasts
Released: July 2003
Purchased: July 23, 2003 - $29.99 Canadian
From the movie: Attack of the Clones
Articulation: Left Claw, All legs and elbows, Jaw
Accessories: None
Paint Job: Average / 1 Color Hi-Lite spray
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on, Just like in the movie
Force Action: None
Best Part: Scaled to the figs - Excellent
Worst Part: Jaw is spring loaded, can't stay open
You can see Acklay in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 2 - Geonosis - Arena Battle (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: When I saw this design in the movie I thought of the Alien Queen. I really loved the look of this creature and THIS is one AWESOME toy. Next to the Rancor, I think I love this Beast the best. To have it to scale with the figures is a plus right from the start. There are plenty of articulation...3 on each leg, however the weight sometimes makes it hard to keep a position for more then a few seconds before it starts to droop and sink towards the floor. I am a bit sad that the mouth cannot stay opened. The spring keeps it snap shut. The slime intestines are a neat idea but I don't remember it oozing in the movie? If you have money for only 1 beast, skip the Reek and get the Acklay. Simply a must have.
What do you think?
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Steven Mignone I thought the nexu was cool.... Everything A+
Boomer Don't like the way the legs are jointed Looks pretty good B
J. Hanstein Sculpt is all right but the paint is shotty, horrible. None C
Rik Dawson Huge beast that will go well with the Arena! It's the Acklay!!! A+
Lee Fenton-W. Great articulation-except maybe the neck The legs A
Ugo Bergeron Too bad it can't stay standing for long on those legs. Size, Sculpt and Color A+
Daryl Beck This is a great job on a cool creature All the Articulation!!! A
Chris Wahlund Sucky paint, can hardly stand, Only looks down Sculpt D+
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