Imperial Shuttle
FAO Schwarz Exclusive (USA)
Released: January 2003
Purchased: January, 2003 - $129.00 US on EBAY
From the movie: Return of the Jedi
Articulation: Open Cockpit, Ramp Lowers
Wings can Fold Open and Closed, Landing Gear
Accessories: None
Paint Job: Awesome job of Weathering
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on!!! Even if not to Scale!!!
Force Action: None
Best Part: Not having to pay $$$ of Vintage :)
Worst Part: FAO Exclusive Only for USA :(
You can see Imperial Shuttle in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 6 - Death Star - Emperor's Arrival (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: What can I say...Impulse got the best of me :D When I saw the New Imperial Shuttle on Ebay and saw that the buy it Now price was only $5 more then purchasing it IN Montreal, I HAD to get it :) Let's say it was MY Christmas Gift to me. Oh wait...that was the Lego Star Destroyer ;P When I returned to work after Christmas Vacation, I had a nice HUMONGOUS box waiting for me at the reception. Of course i just HAD to open it and show my friends the Coolest Star Wars Ship ever made. I was reading on the net today the history of this toy and how ILM let Hasbro borrow the actual Shuttle model used for filming. This toy is an Exact Copy and Scale of the ship ILM made. Of course it isn't scaled to the figures, If I remember what I read, that would have meant a ship 34 X the size of this one - LOL.

As many of you know, this is the same ship as the Vintage but without the Sound FX and sporting a NEW Paintjob. Let me say how impressed I am with it. Apart from the obvious Air Brush Excess on the Side Engines, the ship seems HAND Weathered and looks like Oil really did drip off the wings for many years. If you have the money and can afford this Awesome Ship. DO NOT HESITATE. It looks so cool and WAY cheaper then a Vintage. Plus after you see the Diorama for it's display you will kick yourself if you pass up this opportunity. :D Hee hee. How many years has this ship been on the Most Wanted list? THANK YOU HASBRO for finally listening to the fans. I LOVE IT.

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