Luke Skywalker's X-Wing (Dagobah)
Toys R US Exclusive (USA)
Released: August 2002
Purchased: September, 2002 - $29.95 USA
From the movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Articulation: Cockpit, "Wings" and Landing Gear
Accessories: Rations Kit, Cargo Compartment, Survival Light
Paint Job: Very nice with cool pre-applied stickers
Premiums: R2-D2 Dagobah Swamp
Likeness: Dead on to movie scale, Amazing!!!
Force Action: None
Best Part: The scale and R2 fits in his compartment
Worst Part: Baggies too small and warped the lasers :(
You can see Luke's X-Wing in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 6 - Dagobah - Yoda's Hutt (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: If you are going to re-release an X-Wing for Star Wars' 25th Anniversary, might as well use the BEST mold version you had. Even though the Dagobah crash is from Empire, It's great to see a perfect scaled X-Wing Fighter that actually seats Luke and R2-D2. Taken from the X-Wing FX mold and scraped of it's sound FX, this is a gorgeous toy that is more like owning an ILM model used in the movie. This really puts to shame the 1995 X-Wing and is well worth the purchase if you can find it. The only gripe I have (besides being a USA exclusive) is the way Hasbro packed the ship. The baggies for the ships Laser Rods were too small and tight and so all 4 of the tips are bent out of shape :( This is defenitely a MUST for your collection. Plus you get a FREE R2-D2. What can be better then that ? :)
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Boomer Love the compartment that holds R2 units Great ship. B+
Tad Hg Wish Hasbro made a blow up death star for it LOL Cool R2, Good Design B
Daryl Beck What all other SW vehicles should be based on Scale, Paint, AWESOME! A+
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