Batlle Droid
Wave 01, Release: May 1999
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Articulation: Arms, Legs, Knees, Neck, Waist and elbows
Paint Job: Any less and I would barf, but there are 4 kinds
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the character
Accessories: Blaster riffle
Premium: commtech chip #35
Where are you taking them ?
Halt you're under arrest
Clear them away
Sample: Total Poop! where are the electronic fx?
Best Part: Amazing articulation - Tons of poses possible
Worst part: Tips over way too easily, trouble standing up
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Episode 1 - Naboo - Neemoudian Docking Bay (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: this was a great idea Habro - same figure 4 variations of paint job. Excellent Diorama fodder. And we didn't have to wait 2 years between paint jobs :) The articulation is maxed out on these figs and are wonderfull for your displays. Thumbs up to Hasbro.
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Eric B. Plummer Nice job on these. 9 points of articulation! Variations = great army A
Scott Chalmers
Tons of articurlation, but the Variations limited Paint Job A

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