Naboo Royal Guard
Wave 9, Release: November 1999
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Articulation: Arms, Legs, Elbows, Neck and Waist
Paint Job: Any less and I would barf
Likeness: Dead On! Looks just like the guards in the film
Accessories: Blaster Pistol and Helmet
Premium: commtech chip #30
Battle droids, it's a counter attack ! Open fire !
Wait for the queen's signal, before we attack
Yes sir
Blast that tank now
Sample: Hard to say cause he doesnt really speak in the film
Best Part: Removable helmet of course
Worst part: Looks silly if not holding his pistol
You can see Naboo Royal Guard in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 1 - Naboo - Theed Courtyard
Episode 1 - Naboo - Theed Hangar
Episode 1 - Naboo - Palace Throne Room
Episode 1 - Naboo - Gungan Secret City
Final Thoughts: This is a GREAT figure, I love it so much. not only does it look cool, his helmet can come off :) hasbro did a great sculpt in the details and folds of the costume plus he can hold his Blaster with 2 hands, 1 suporting the other. Way Cool!!!! Excellent Job :)
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Eric B. Plummer Great detailing and pose. Perfect for army building! 2 handed blaster grip! A
Scott Chalmers Commtech chip sounds like a droid Looks great! A+

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