Imperial Scanning Crew
Comes With Falcon Carrying Case, Release: July 1997
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Articulation: Head, Arms, Legs and Waist
Paint Job: Light Grey Plastic with Black Gloss
Likeness: Could be one of the extras :)
Accessories: Scanning Box
Premium: Comes with Falcon Case
Best Part: Finally got one :) Yeahhh
Worst part: Came out right after Bought Wedge Case :(
You can see Imperial Scanning Crew in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Death Star Docking Bay - Coming Soon

Final Thoughts: Finally I got my hands on a Scanning Crew Member. Thank you SO much Randall Talbert. What a GREAT Birthday Present :D And I didn't have to get that dumb Falcon case I already had bought. It's really bad that Hasbro put such an Army builder into a Carrying case. Don't they know that we would want to get 3-4 maybe 6 of these guys? But NOT when attached to a case that we bought not even 1 year prior to get our Wedge figure. That's just Wrong and Greedy. I'm just happy I have mine now. If you can find a loose one, he looks great next to the other Imperials. Looks cool for one of the earlier figures. Even today.
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