Wave 02: Disneyland Star Tours Exclusive (USA)
Released: January 2003
Purchased: May 11, 2003 - $10.00 USA
From the movie: Disney's Star Tours Simulation Ride
Articulation: Ball Neck, Arms and Legs
Accessories: None
Paint Job: Paint? What paint?
Premiums: None
Likeness: Dead on! looks exactly like the Droid
Force Action: None
Best Part: Another droid for the Jawa Sandcrawler
Worst Part: This is one ugly looking droid design
You can see WEG 1618 in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 4 - Tatooine - Interior Jawa Sandcrawler (Coming Soon)
Final Thoughts: I'm sorry but I really hate this Droid. Ughm, these Wave 2 droids are really UGLY. They don't really look that great. I know it's Star Tours but Hasbro could try a little harder. Where's the paint? Maybe with some extra Custom Painting it would actually look decent but as is ... Copper Color Plastic, No Weathering, a dab of Black paint, I don't think so. Limited articulation and 10 bucks!!! Plus you have to have a friend who likes to visit Disneyland a lot - LOL. On it's own, I don't have much to say about WEG, I think that perhaps when he is placed sitting in a gloomy corner of the Jawa Sandcrawler Interior, he will look not half bad.
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