Scout Trooper Imperial Patrol
Wave 07, Release: December 2000
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Articulation: Legs, Arms, Waist and Neck
Paint Job: Paint? What paint?
Likeness: Dead On!!! Just like in the movie
Accessories: laser Pistol
Premium: Jedi Force File (Yawn) - LOL
Best Part: Laser Pistol fits into Holster - way cool
Worst part: would have been amazing
to have same articulation as Stormtrooper
You can see Scout Trooper in the folowing dioramas...
Episode 6 - Endor - Endor Shield Generator
Final Thoughts: A huge improvement on the sitting Biker Scout. And Hasbro's new use of holsters with removable pistols is just too cool. hats off to the designer who thought of this idea.
What do you think?
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WhoIsPatrix Looks too small next to POTF2 biker scout. Holster is awesome. A
Eric Plummer Hasbro finally makes this figure and impossible to get. Clean/dirty variations! B
Ross Mabey I love this character (both clean, dirty variations) Holster for Blaster A
Chase Kantor Finally Hasbro is making holsters! The holster A-
Paul IT Pretty cool, looks spot on, nice pose. Helmet details. A
Brent McCracken Nice pose...doesn't have potential for "army builder." The holster...definitely. B-
Scott Chalmers Should have had leg and knee articulation Red rings around eyes C+
JTeam6 A pretty good figure Cool Costume B+

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