Fode and Bead
Wave 05, Release: November 2000
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Articulation: Legs, Arms, Neck, Heads and Tail
Paint Job: Below Average and Boring
Likeness: Looks 95% just like in the movie (YUK)
Accessories: None
Premium: Jedi Force File (Yawn) - LOL
Best Part: NONE!!! I Hate this Stupid Character - LOL
Worst part: This is the UGLIEST figure EVER made - Stinky Poo
You can see Fode and Bead in the folowing dioramas...
None Ever - Yuk Yuk - Pooey
Ok, Ok...Episode 1 - Tatooine - Pod Hangar Bay
Final Thoughts: I really HATED this character in the movie - it was sooo stupid. And I HATE this figure just as much - LOL. If I wasn't Anal Retentive in having a gap in my collection, I would have never touched this figure with a 5 foot lightsaber. LOL.
What do you think?
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Nils Guldberg This is one ugly figure He has two heads F
Michael Contreras Evreythings bad about this figure! Obviously none. F
Bob Ray The ugliest figure I have ever lain my eyes upon. Nothing F-
Brent McCracken The absolute WORST figure ever in Star Wars. Makes a great fishing lure. F
Thad Gabara Stupid character and equally as stupid a figure. None whatsoever F
Farley K. Cool figure,but needs whethering. Never before made B+
Ricci Zorr Looks like he has a Wacky life-like body I like him B
Ego Rhys Stupid character, stupider figure What best part? F+

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