"Where's NiubNiub?" 6th Anniversary Tutotial

Are you confused to what a hidden NubNiub actually looks like?

Scroll down and you will understand how the game is played. Remember, Pictures on this page, NiubNiub Review Secret Page, as well as Logos, Banners and Headers DO NOT count and are not part of the contest.



This year there are SIX hidden NiubNiubs
Maybe I am hidden in one of my Dioramas like in the examples below


or perhaps somewhere else on the site...
(excluding Choose a Character, Visitors and My Secret Page)
maybe in the Making Of section like in this photo ?


maybe part of a Jedi Force File ?


or maybe just visiting old friends in My Toy Collection Section ?


I know I don't have to tell you that the pictures on this page are NOT part of the answers - oops - I think I just did :)

The images here are just examples of what to look for.


Good luck and Have Fun !!!

Where's Niubniub? Entry Page
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Want to see the prizes in this years contest?
Five is the magic number - hmmm - I wonder why?
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Where's Niubniub? Game Tutorial
Not sure what a Hidden NiubNiub looks like?
Click Here to see some Examples




special thanks to EVABLUE.COM and GPCP for special interactive web coding