Welcome to the 6th Annual "Where's NiubNiub?" Anniversary Contest. I know the updates were few and far between this year due to family and work but I just couldn't ignore my fans favourite time of year :) hee hee.

Again, as in years past, the Grand Prize is one of my own Dioramas. This year, Vader's Secret. If your Luke and Vader have been lying around collecting dust, maybe this is your opportunity to dust them off and give them a proper home :P Let the games begin !!! Enjoy and HAVE FUN !!!




1) Contest is open to ALL ages, Everywhere in the world.

2) Contest Entry will be accepted from June 30, 2005 6o July 31, 2006.

3) You MUST find all SIX hidden NiubNiubs PLUS correctly Identify the Diorama in Part 2 AND Name the Correct Order of the Dioramas in Part 3 to be eligible for the Prize Drawings

4) Prizes will be drawn in order of Grand, 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd, on Tuesday, August 1rst, 2006

5) Winners will be notified by E-Mail and have their names posted on NiubNiub's Universe on Friday, August 4th, 2006.

6) Prizes will be shipped within 2 -4 weeks after contacting the winners




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Where's Niubniub? Game Tutorial
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