JULY 03 2000 - MONDAY

Wow my very first update :)

First of all I would like to apologize for those of you who have had trouble connecting to the site. I have had a nightmarish week trying to get my hosting company to get their act together. There is still a memory problem to resolve but hopefully as of tomorrow it will all be smooth sailing from now on. (I thought making the site was the hard part - arghhhhhh)

Now then.....I can thank all of you for the great comments you've been sending me. It's good to hear from you , keep them coming. I am glad to see that my decision (to take more time and make a bigger "ultimate" diorama site) was the right decision.

I have gotten a lot of cool idea suggestions from you guys (and girls) about how to make the site even more awesome. I am gathering my material together and will tell you all about it soon. Here's a hint...Soon you will all be able to take a part of Niubniub home :) Also I just want to let you know that with the site now complete and on line, I can get back to doing what I love - MAKING DIORAMAS. I will be using your MOST WANTED votes to help me decide the order of the new scenes. So make sure you VOTE. You will be happy to know there are lots of cool scenes still to come during the year. So have fun browsing deeper into the site, and a big Welcome to the newcomers of Niubniub's Universe.



Host from Hell

Well after 2 weeks of hell with my first server, I have decided to change hosts so that all the problems you have had trying to connect will now be a thing of the past. I will use this as a re-launch of sorts with an improved version of the site with 5 new sections Make sure to check in for a MAJOR update hopefully Sunday night, Monday night for sure. I think many of you will be VERY VERY happy :)


JULY 10 2000 - MONDAY

Welcome to the new improved NiubNiub's Universe :)

I am happy to report that I am as of today on a new server! So hopefully easier access into the site and a faster connection! So let's re-launch the site and do it right this time - LOL. The emails I have received during the past 2 weeks have helped me improve the site temendously. Here is a brief descriptions of what has been added...

Sneak Previews section...Now this could spoil things for people who only want to see the finished dioramas. But if you just can't wait and want to see what I am up to at the moment, come on in.

NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas...A lot of you told me this site has inspired you to try and create your own dioramas. So I decided to create a section dedicated for you! Send me your pictures and let's show the world what you can do.

NiubNiub's Tips and Tricks Q&A...If you have any questions on how to make a diorama or need some tips this will be the place. I promise to answer all the questions that I can.

NiubNiub's Download Textures...I got so many requests for my Photoshop Patterns that this decision was an easy one for me. Now you can take a part of Niubniub home :) Every single Diorama Texture I created is in here for you to download for FREE! Now you can easily make cool playsets to display your figures at home.

Diorama Cinema Comparison Slide Show...Everyones favorite pictures (and mine) seem to be the cinema comparisons, so I have linked them together like in a Slide Show. just click the right side neons to go forwards or the left neons to go back. Now you don't have to travel the entire site to see the most fun pictures. So keep the emails coming ! Your feedback truly makes a difference as you can see. I hope you spread the word about the site to your friends and co-workers. I hope you visit often to see the cool new dioramas I have in store for you during the year.

And to the first time viewers of NiubNiub's Universe...A BIG hello and WELCOME ! Enjoy the pictures and I hope to hear from you soon




Slide Viewer Option in Diorama Movie Comparisons.

I've been told a few hundred times that the movie comparisons are among your favorite pages on the site. So now you can view them one after another in SLIDE mode. Just click on the right side neons to go to the next page and click the left neons to go back a page. Simple but efficient !


JULY 16 2000 - SUNDAY

GO SEE X-MEN NOW !!!! and the toys too - LOL

I've just been to one of my favourite films of the summer. This is simply the best comic book adaptation I have seen in a long long time. Trust me, You'll Love it! Plus my friend Hans did some of the FX so go show him your support - LOL

I've also found the first wave of X-MEN figures at TRU. You can see them in My Toy Collection Section. Individual pics will come as soon as I open the packages.Added some new visitors sites to the Links section. If you have a moment, go encourage some of the other fans out there who also have custom and diorama sites.


Gungan Battle - Phase 2

I am also working on my Gungan Battle Phase 2 which includes hills in the background as well as the new AAT and Falumpa set I won on EBAY. I have to work overtime all week but promise to show you some new pictures as soon as I can find the time.



Created 4 NEW Visitors Dioramas sections.

Click on the NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Icon and go see some of your fellow collectors creations - they are really cool. And send them a note if you have the time. For those of you who make dioramas but haven't yet sent me pictures...What are you waiting for????


Updated Home Cinema section

For those into dvd, you can go and see the new dvd's I bought last night - Just click on the New Releases button.


NiubNiub's Secret Page

After almost 1 month on line no one has e-mailed me from the Secret Page yet? Maybe you didn't know there was one - LOL - I am looking forwards to seeing who will be the first to find it?I have also taken new pictures for the Sneak Previews section and will post those either friday or on the weekend.


JULY 23 2000 - SUNDAY

NiubNiub's Sneak Previews

I added 2 new dioramas in this section. So now you can keep track on my progress. You can sneak peak Gungan Secret City, Sarlacc pit and Gungan Battle Phase 2. Just Click on the Sneak previews Dioramas Icon on the left.



Tony Colucci is the first - and only person so far - who has found my secret page. If you want to know more about me, you will find it there :) I am waiting...LOLNo Updates Till Thursday. I will be going out of town until Thursday, So I will not be able to update untill my return.

This tuesday could change NiubNiub's life in a MAJOR way. If all goes well I am sure you will read about it upon my return. I will be too excited to hold it in. Let's just say that I might be moving to San Francisco and have my dreams come true :)


JULY 30 2000 - SUNDAY

I have returned from my trip.

Unfortunately, it seems the flu followed me home :( I have been feeling like total poop since my return.
Swalowing pins and needles doesn't make you want to make dioramas that's for sure. However I am 90% complete on a new section that I think you will find fun to look at. I just need to take couple more pictures and will be ready to upload before wednesday for sure.

Tomorrow I will also be able to see how my work week is booked. If I don't have to do overtime - I promise to work on some new dioramas for you guys and girls.


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