August 01 2000 - Tuesday

Created a NEW Character Comparison section !

Click on the Character Variation Comparison Icon and see what differences if any there are between the same movie character. Now side by side, it's easier to see if a missing figure is worth buying or if Hasbro is just trying to milk your buck. :P If you think this is cool - let me know - I am thinking of doing the same with comparisons between original 70's and 90's figures. If enough positive response, I will create that section within the next week or two.


NiubNiub needs your help

Since there are no Targets in Canada I am asking you to help me out so that NiubNiub can have a Y-WING for his diorama. I will pay you cost of ship plus shipping and I will even give you an extra...3 free senate seats for your own senate diorama. To see what they look like just click here. I hope that someone can help me out.


Finally New Character Reviews

Believe it or not, Hasbro Canada has never released TC-14 or any other figure past Adi Gallia for that matter - Some customer support. Anyways, Thanks to Shannon, who was kind enough to get these figures for me, I have posted new REVIEWS for TC-14, R2B1, Queen Amidala Cloth, Anakin Pilot, Falumpaset and AAT Tank. Just Click on the CHOOSE A CHARACTERS top menu button and click on Darth Maul Icon to view the figures list. I am still missing the cloth waves of Maul,Obi, Qui and Swimming Jar Jar. If anyone wishes to help me out, I'll pay for cost and shipping, Let me know. I would be very gratefull :)


Thank you all for an AMAZING first month online !

After a bumpy start, It's hard to believe it's been 1 month since I launched. I must thank everyone who has come and visited and sent me amazing emails telling what a cool job you think I did. The fan response has been so much more then I ever just 30 days....

17,037 people visited the site
139,011 pages were viewed
682,396 hits total for the month

I have lots of cool surprises in store for you during the rest of the year and I hope that together we can make this site one of the best diorama sites on the net. Don't forget to send me those pictures of your creations and keep in touch, sometimes your suggestions really help in making a better site - just like the character comparisons. I never would have thought of that by myself. Thank you all once again and don't forget... Tell all your friends and co-workers about the site :) Niubniub



August 07 2000 - Monday

Major Update in the Preview Section

I trashed my Sarlacc Pit diorama and started over. I worked on the new version all weekend and the pictures are online. I know that this will become my favorite diorama :) - Just click on the Sneak Previews Icon and go to Sarlacc Pit. C


Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi is Dead :(

It is a sad day for Star Wars and movie fans, Sir Alec Guiness died saturday at the age of 86. I'm sure we all hope the force is with him.


August 08 2000 - Tuesday

Brandon is a GOD !!!!

Seems we got a winner and now NiubNiub has his Y-Wing !!!! Thanks to everyone who emailed me trying to find me one. All I need is 1 so please do not get me another I don't need 2 :) Thanks again to everybody for trying though, It ain't easy to find one from what I've heard. Oh and Brandon...Your Da Man - LOL


August 09 2000 - Wednesday

Visitors Diorama's Updated

Just added 2 new Diorama Makers - David Syczylo and Scott Osborn, Please go and show your support and check out their creations. Also added Sarlacc Pit diorama to Markus Gerlach's section. Is everyone making Sarlacc's these days? - LOL. Just click on the NiubNiub's Visitors Diorama Icon and select the name of the person you want to visit. And don't forget to send me YOUR creation! Don't be shy - send me pictures of your own dioramas. They will only be seen by the whole world ;)


Secret Page Party

I was in shock when I saw 6 people found my secret page yesterday - keep it up - I think you will have a chuckle. Congratulations to Kurt, Joe Kidd, Brandon, David GQ, Dave McG and BrianSW6.


August 14 2000 - Monday

Sneak Previews Diorama's Updated

Added more Sarlacc Pit pictures, click on the Sneak Previews icon and go see page 3 and page 4. This is fast becoming my favorite work so far. Tell me if you think I am right?


Secret Page Frenzy

Congratulations go to GravityBong, Darth Duny, Dylan McD, Rick, Braxton, Bone, Jedi Hush, C3P051083, SWGeek 123, Daniel and James S. All of whom found my secret page. Way to go guys :)


August 21 2000 - Monday

More Sarlacc pit Pictures!

I worked a lot on the pit this weekend, to see the new pictures go to the Sneak Previews section and click on Sarlacc Pit page 4, Page 5 and Page 6.


Updated the FAQ section

3 new questions added to the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section. Feel free to email if you think you have a question that could benefit other visitors.


More Congratulations

Denis O'C and Cris C were the only 2 to find my secret page last week. Way to go guys.


Home Cinema DVD

Big changes coming to Home cinema section. If you notice that some pages in the dvd section are all screwy, I am just in the process to making a new reviews section and list of my collection. Please be patient all will be normal soon.


August 22 2000 - Tuesday

NiubNiub needs YOUR HELP to WIN !!!!

I really want to win this contest and need all the help I can get! (R2 holo leia is the prize and I don't have one) I ask all of niubniub's visitors to go vote for me. Just click ENTRY #4 Button then VOTE (Death Star chasm diorama) Even though I have 3 entries, vote for number 4, I don't want the votes to spread out :) Thank you all. Please don't give up, their site sometimes takes forever to load.


Home Cinema - DVD

I created a new Reviews Section for my DVD collection. Reviews will come in slowly but you can now see what titles I have in my collection. The text based menu has some missing titles. I will complete that tomorrow night.


August 28 2000 - Monday

New Sarlacc Pit Pictures !

You can see the work I've done on the weekend on page 6 and page 7 of the Sarlacc Pit in the Sneak Previews Section. Not finished, but I'm getting there, let me know what you think...


Secret Page

Only 2 people, Chantal D and James M found my secret page this week. Way to go!


Server lag time

I want to appolgise to everyone who is having trouble visiting the site. I am told my server is moving across town and service will not be 100% up to speed until friday this week. They promise me that you can still visit but possibly at reduced loading speed. Speaking of slow loading speeds...


August 29 2000 - Tuesday

New Visitors Dioramas Pictures !

You can see the work of Jason Keith in the Visitors Diorama section. Always fun to see how other fans use their creativity.


Another Live Chat Friday September 1

After the success of the first chat it's time for another. This friday night, september 1rst at 11 pm eastern - 8pm on the west coast. Just click on NiubChat and come say hello.


August 31 2000 - Thursday

New Yavin and Mos Espa Shops Pictures

Finally got a Jar Jar Pez Hander, OK I know it's cheating, but Gragra the cook is scaled so I unscrewed him from the pez and placed him in Episode 1: Tatooine - Mos Espa. I also have placed my Y-Wing into its proper diorama home. You can see new pictures in Episode 4: Yavin - Hangar. Pictures and reviews of the Y-wing and Pilot will be up this weekend at some point.


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