September 04 2000 - Monday

New Power Of The Jedi Reviews

Thanks to NiubNiub's loyal fan Brandon, I now have the wave 2 collection. You can read my reviews in the Chose A Character section. Just click on Obi Wan's head to view the list.

Another thanks to Paul who got me my Y-wing. I have now put my reviews for the Y-wing and Y-Wing Pilot in the Chose a Character section. And I finally got a chance to review the AAT Tank and Falumpaset Ammo Wagon.


Finally - My first DVD review

I have decided to expand my dvd section with reviews of the dvd's I purchase. Tonight I revisited a classic - THE PLANET OF THE APES. To see what I think of the dvd head on over to the Home Cinema section of the site and click on dvd reviews.



September 05 2000 - Tuesday

Visitor Dioramas

Hope everybody had a GREAT Labour Day holiday - 2 New NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas. A big thanks to Bill Cox and Rene Wink for sending me their cool pictures. Great work guys.



New Question Answered. If you need to create water for your diorama click on the Questions Tips & Tricks icon. If anyone has a different idea please let me know. New Stinky Poo DVD

Home Cinema DVD

Added Madonna's Next Best Thing to the Stinky Poo List, Click on the Home Cinema on the top menu bar and then Stinky Poo DVD to read what I thought of this marvelous gem.


Secret Page

Congratulations to Keven and Nathen for finding my secret biography page. Great going guys!Could not have done it without you!

Last but not least, I want to personally thank ALL who voted for me in the diorama contest. You will be glad to know your efforts payed off - I WON !!!! hee hee. When I get my R2 Holo Leia, I will post my review and let you know if it's worth all the hassle. Again, A BIG FURRY HUG to ALL who helped out.


September 06 2000 - Wednesday

New Jedi Force File section

Even though I find these EXTREMELY lame, (I miss my commtechs), Those who don't open your figures can see what you are missing - LOL. Just Click on the Jedi Force File Cards Icon on the left.


September 12 2000 - Tuesday

I'm back from my buisiness trip

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was out of town for 2 weeks of training. I feel guilty about not having had time to work on Sarlacc pit, I know a lot of you can't wait to see the finished scene. Good news is I started work on my Sarlacc beast tonight, I promise to have new pictures up before the end of the week. in the meantime...


Are you into Star Wars Lego's?

You've probably read this already but head on over to American Dream Comics (Click the top button banner last on the right) They are having a LEGO DIORAMA CONTEST. Since I don't have Lego's you don't have to worry about me being your competition - LOL.


September 15 2000 - Friday

New Sarlaac Pictures

You can see where I am at with the sculpting of the Sarlaac beast by clicking in the Sneak Previews section. Go to Page 8 of the Sarlaac pit preview to see the latest pictures. I am sculpting more today so look for new pics during the weekend and if all goes according to plan...the finished diorama.


Secret NiubNiub page

A lot of people have asked me what kind of Special Effects I actually do at work. So I thought I'd give an extra little reward to those who find the secret page. I added 2 quicktime movies of a comercial I did as well as the Making Of the planet scenet.

Those who have already found the page, you know where to go if you want to see the movies, as for the others - start looking - LOL


September 18 2000 - Monday

Ultimate Sneak Previews Sarlaac Pictures

Well this will be the final sneak preview for the Sarlaac Pit as I have completed the diorama yesterday :) I am sooo happy at the way it turned out. Go to Page 8 and Page 9 in the Dioramas Sneak Previews section to see what I did this weekend as well as a preview pic of the final scene. Tomorrow I will post the complete set of 10 pictures as well as a really cool surprise.


September 19 2000 - Tuesday

Finally Sarlacc Pit is Complete!

It took 6 weeks but it was well worth it, this is my Favourite scene to date and sure to become the number one favorite in the top six. To see all the pictures go to Dioramas, Episode 6, Tatooine Sarlaac Pit.


Premiere Making Of Section

New Diorama Making Of section. Now that the Sarlaac Pit is complete it cannot stay in the Sneak Previews section, so I created Niubniub's Making Of Dioramas. You can revisit the Sarlaac's evolution by clicking on the Making Of Icon on the left. All future Sneak Previews pictures will eventually come here.


QuickTime: Virtual Reality Dioramas

Here is the awesome surprise I promised! - New QuickTime:Virtual Reality Section. Using the Sarlaac Pit, I have created the first of what I think will fast become visitors favorite thing about this site. You can go to the Niubniub's Virtual Diorama to see what I am talking about. These downloads will also be found in the Views menubar of it's own diorama if available.

Now remember this is my first test, I need your feedback...If enough of you email me telling me you like the QT:VR I will make more. If you think it stinks, I will remove the section.


September 22 2000 - friday

QuickTime: Virtual Reality Dioramas

QTVR a HUGE HIT !!!! New Theed Hangar VR online NOW ! Well your e-mails have spoken, everyone seems to LOVE the Sarlaac Pit QT:VR. So I guess I am stuck into making more of them - LOL. You can see the newest QT:VR of the Theed Hangar by clicking on Niubniub's Virtual Diorama icon on the left.


QT:VR NiubNiub's fans help...

Ok, so I know you want more, now I need YOUR emails telling me what order to create them. Which dioramas do you want to see first? your decisions WILL help me decide which to make next.


Vote now for Most Wanted dioramas.

After the Gungan Battle, I have no clue to which scene I will make next. I need your feedback to tell me what you guys want to see first. Go to the Top Six Wanted section and e-mail me. Remember you don't only have to pick from the top 6 list, it can be any scene from the films that I have not yet created. I look forwards to reading your suggestions.


If anyone visiting the site works at ILM read this, Can you send me an e-mail, I will explain in detail and don't worry, it's not for asking you to get me a job - :)


September 25 2000 - Monday

New Gungan Battle Preview Pics online

Click on the Sneak Previews Icon to see what I did during the weekend. My friend says Gungan Battle Phase II looks like a carpet - LOL - but I think it's a big improvement from phase 1.


QuickTime: Virtual Reality Dioramas

2 New Quick Time: VR's were added today. Go to Niubniub's Virtual Diorama section and see Episode 1: Theed Core Duel as well as Episode 5: Wampa Cave. Keep your e-mails coming. Let me know what VR's you wish to see next as well as what diorama I should make after I finish the Gungan Battle.


September 29 2000 - Friday

Diorama Sneak Previews

Final Gungan Battle Preview Pics online. Click on the Sneak Previews Icon and choose Gungan Battle. Page 4 will show you the last of my previews (can that mean I have completed a nother diorama? :) as well as what's to come this weekend.


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