October 02 2000 - Monday

Gungan Battle Diorama Complete

Wow 2 dioramas in 2 weeks - it's a miracle - LOL. Head on over to Dioramas - Episode 1 - Naboo and see 9 new pictures of the completed Phase 2 Gungan Battle. The backdrop certainly does make a difference.


Gungan Battle Quick Time: VR online!

If you want a better view of the Gungan Battle Diorama click on NiubNiub's Virtual Diorama logo on the left. just click on the Battle thumbnail.


New Month brings New Reviews

Well I finally got some of my missing older figures and placed their pictures and my reviews for them in the Choose A Character section - Episode 1 Menu List. New reviews are Soft Goods (Poo Poo Cloth) Darth Maul, Qui Gon and Obi Wan. As well as the Over Rated Watto's Box Watto, Graxol Kevlyyn and Shakka.


New Making Of Dioramas

I have moved the Gungan Battle from the Sneak Preview section to it's permanent archive in NiubNiub's Making Of Dioramas section.



October 03 2000 - Tuesday

NiubNiub Face Lift :)

Decided to do a little re-designing of the main menu page. Navigation Logo's are still located on the left side and now Sponsors and Affiliates are found on the right.


Top 6 Wanted and Favorites now up

Click on the Top Six Logos on the left to go see if your pic made it to number one. I want to thank everyone who e-mailed me with their suggestions.


NiubNiub's Next

You have spoken and it's a tie between Vader's Secret and Interior of the Millenium Falcon. I think I will choose Vader's Secret (a little more simple and will need me to create new Download Textures for you as well) and will wait for New Obi Wan's release to start the Falcon. Stay tuned for Sneak Preview Pics soon.


October 09 2000 - Monday

Who is Niubniub?

After many email replies, I thought it be easier for me to reply to all future questions in one single swoop or is it stroke? - LOL. If you want to see some of my artistic background, just click on Who Is Niubniub? button on the right.


More QuickTime VR's and other surprises

I just want to tell everyone I am sorry if my updates in the next couple of days slow down. I am soooo busy at work finishing the last of the compositing for Dead Of Night , we are working 12 hour days and I am beat. I have some cool tests I am working on and some neat surprises up my sleeve so please be patient. If I can finish my shots I might update wednesday.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


October 11 2000 - Wednesday

New Jabba's Palace QTVR

This one is pretty cool. Click on over to Niubniub's Virtual Dioramas and select Jabba's Palace. I was making Mos Eisley as well but the pictures would not merge. Arghh, and its now 2.22 am, I'm gonna be a zombie at work tomorrow LOL.


This is TOO COOL - 360 degree Character VR TEST

I had an idea and tried it out and looking at the result, the possibilities blow my mind :) What if you could see Star Wars action figures come to life? !!! Remember this is a TEST, After you look at this you must tell me if it's as exciting as I think it is and if I should create a section for them. Check out my MAS AMEDDA CVR TEST You will need Quick Time to see it.


Niubniub's Fan Forum Chat this friday night!

I will be in NiubChat this friday at 10:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm west coast. I hope you will come discuss the possibilities of the Character VR's or just come say hello. Just click on NiubChat ! Hope to see you there.


October 13 2000 - Friday (moo haa haa haa)

Character VR's a HUGE HIT !!!!

As if I could not predict this one. LOL. I've been told hasbro had a couple back in 96 but now long gone. But I don't think theirs had animation. So you have spoken and I shall create a NEW CVR Section during the weekend. Who would make a good first figure to make? send me your ideas.


Chat Tonight at 10:00 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern

Don't forget to come say hello tonight, just click the NiubChat button, and I'll see you there.


October 18 2000 - Wednesday

Premiere of the Character VR section.

NiubNiub's newest section and perhaps the coolest ever. Starting today, you can see Star Wars action figures in full 360 degrees and with stop motion animation ! I think I am the only site on the web to offer this.

The first figure is Darth Maul. Click on Niubniub's Virtual Characters button on the left. You need quicktime 4 to view him properly. Each wednesday I will add a NEW C:VR. Which one I make depends on all of you. Go to Niubniub's Virtual Characters and send me an e-mail with your suggestion. The figure with the most nominations gets his own C:VR. If your figure did not appear, e-mail me again the week after. I'm counting on you to make this a great section!


Ultarama Diorama Press Release

You might have heard about Ultarama Diorama Bases on other sites CLICK HERE TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE It really is a great concept. I have some on the way and will tell you all about them once they arrive.


October 22 2000 - Sunday

New feature to simplify your navigation.

For those of you who want to skip the menu pages and go directly to the new uploads, you can now just click on the words that are in grey text. If you prefer to go through a sections Menu Pages, you can always use the icons to the left.


Power Of The Jedi - Collection 1 Force Files

For those of you who don't open your figures, 4 New Jedi Force Files are now online. Anakin Mechanic, Darth Maul Final Duel, R2-D2 Naboo Escape and Obi-Wan Jedi. Click on the names to go directly to their section or Click on the Jedi Force Files Icon on the left to go to the selection menu .


New Visitors Diorama added

Ed Baruli's dioramas added to NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas section. Why don't you go take a peek at your fellow's creations.


October 23 2000 - Monday

New Vader's Secret Sneak Preview Pictures.

Well I started working on Vader's Secret this weekend and added new pictures in the Sneak Previews section. Even though only 2 figures will be placed in this diorama, It is a pivotal scene in the film and I think will look great once completed.


October 24 2000 - Tuesday

360 Quick Time:VR of my Diorama Room

Want to know what it would be like to be here and look at Niubniub's Diorama Room in person? Well come on in. This is the best way to see how all of my scenes are put together.


Still time to vote in the Top 6

This weekend is the monthly update for your Top 6 Most Wanted and Top 6 Favourite Dioramas. E-mail me and see if your choice makes the list.


October 25 2000 - Wednesday

Character VR's Wednesday - CV:R 2 Online today

Winning with a landslide victory, and I will admit harder to animate then Maul, you can now go see Battle Dammage Stormtrooper in the C:VR Virtual Character section. Send me your thoughts and votes for next weeks pick.


More NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas

A big thanks to Daniel Elmore for sending me some of his diorama pics. You can see his pictures and other visitors work in NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas section. If you have any dioramas you'd like to share with us, please send me some pictures and i will make a section for you.


October 31 2000 - Tuesday


I hope all of you trick or treating in your Star Wars costumes get all the candy you can eat - heh heh


Ultarama's are AMAZING!!!!

I just got mine in and WOW, If you want a place to display your figures, pictures just don't do it justice. Imagine creating a Death Star with 4-6 levels stacked on top of each other. I am preparing a new section soon and will even have backgrounds that fit in the Ultarama's slots. If you want more info head over to their site. http://www.ultarama.com at only $19.99 it's a real deal.


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