November 01 2000 - Wednesday

Character:VR Wednesday

Just added C:VR number #3 Nute Gunray in the Virtual Characters section. Want to see your favourite figure next week? Just e-mail me your suggestions.


Top 6 lists for October 2000 now online

All votes for October's Top Six Wanted as well as Top Six Favourite dioramas have now been posted. Make sure to send me your faves for next months post. Im sure once Vader's Secret is completed, it bet it will win top favourite spot.

NiubNiub Secret Page

Congratulations to Mike S, the only one to find Niubniub's secret page this week. Way to go Mike :)


WOW! 50,000+ Visitors

Niubniub's just got it's 50,000 visitor and in just 4 months online. I never imagined the site would take off so fast. Thank you to everyone who's visited NiubNiub's Universe and to all who sent me wonderfull comments. I really appreciate it.


Major Site Announcement coming very soon

A very exciting thing has happened to me this week and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Hopefully I can spill the beans sometime during the weekend - heh heh




November 06 2000 - Monday

New Vader's Secret Sneak Preview Pictures.

Well I worked a lot on Vader's Secret diorama this weekend. It's really coming around great. You can see the new pictures on page 3, page 4, page 5 and page 6.


IMPORTANT Message to ALL NiubNiub Visitors

I am having a MAJOR problem with my host server that I am working to resolve as quickly as I can. I mention this because if one day you come visit and nothing shows up - Don't worry - I have not closed up the site. I am trying to transfer Niubniub to another host and having a lot of difficulty getting the proper information from the old host server. I hope that a sutdown will not happen but I just wanted to warn you ahead of time in case worst comes to worst.


November 08 2000 - Wednesday

Character:VR Wednesday.

Just added C:VR number 4: C-3P0 Dismantled Droid in the Virtual Characters section. Want to see your favourite figure next week? Just e-mail me your suggestions.


Nightmare Host Server Update

Finally, Niubniub's has successfully been transfered to a much better home. It could take up to 1 week for it to be 100% in order but you will see a TREMENDOUS difference in loading times. TRUST ME ! And wait till I tell you why I am so certain :) Only a few days away till my BIG announcement. I can't wait to spill the beans - hee hee . To those who had a difficult time accessing the site these past 2 weeks I truly am sorry, My old server REALLY stank!!!


November 13 2000 - Monday

NiubNiub new server completed

I just want to let everyone know that the transfer of my site seems to have completed itself successfully. There should be no more problems. However if anyone notices broken links or pages that cannot load, please email me.


C:VR Wednesday Still time to vote

If you haven't done so already, it's not too late to send in your suggestion for this week's Character VR. As you have seen in last weeks presidential election...every vote CAN make a difference :)


Gotta see Titan A.E.

If you didn't go see Titan A.E. this summer you owe yourself to at least rent this movie. It's Amazing!!!! especially if you have a DVD player. Put it on your Christmas list. You will thank me.


Big announcement schedualed for Wednesday

I have been so busy preparing for this, that I did not have time to work on my Vader's Secret this weekend. But I promise that I will have cool pictures for you next weekend. And pop in wednesday to read what I am so excited about.


November 14 2000 - Tuesday

Vader's Secret Sneak Preview Fixed

I noticed tonight that the new pics had not switched from the old server to here. If you haven't yet seen what I did last weekend, head on over to the Sneak previews sections and click on page 3, page 4, page 5 and page 6. of Vader's Secret


Who is NiubNiub? also Fixed

Sorry for these incoveniences. If anyones curious as too what my hobbies are, you can take a look in Who Is Niubniub?


November 15 2000 - Wednesday

NiubNiub's Universe joins forces with Rebelscum !

About 3 weeks ago, I got a e-mail from Philip at with an offer I just could not resist :) Finally after a slight facelift, I am pleased to announce the merger of NiubNiub'sUniverse.Com with and the

Why am I so excited? Having combined our respected strengths (Rebelscum's leading top news stories and Star Wars toy archive,'s comprehensive action figure customising information and me with all your diorama's needs) into one giant network, our goal is to give you guys the best information Star Wars toy collectors can find under one roof !

With accessible links and cross promotion between our 3 sites, you will easily be able to find anything you need to have fun with your collection .A lot of new sections and surprises are in store for 2001. Not to mention all the cool dioramas I have yet to create :-) heh heh

So keep opening your toys, have fun and show us what you got !

FRANK D. Niubniub.


Character VR's Wednesday - CV:R

A lot have been asking for him so your choice is my command, you can now go see Darth Vader Episode 1 Flashback in the C:VR Virtual Character section. Don't forget you need Quicktime 4 to see him in motion. And send me suggestions for next weeks figure.


New NiubNiub facelift

Since joining you will notice some slight changes in the site design. On every page, in the top header banners, you can now click on " presents" to go straight to Philip's site and read all the latest news in Star Wars toy collecting.

You will also notice 3 new buttons above "who is Niubniub" These buttons are also on every page and allow you to zoom back and forth from NiubNiub's Universe to either FFURG.COM for any Star Wars figure customising info you need, or Rebelscum's own Star Wars figure custom archive featuring the work of many toy collecting fans like yourselves.


Want to meet other customisers?

Make sure to click on the Listserv Enlist Button. It's free and you can find great tips from others on how to help you customise your figures or even trade figures between yourselves.


November 17 2000 - Friday

Bespin Reactor Core Textures

The fans ask and NiubNiub delivers - hee hee. I was going to wait till I finished the diorama but why delay your thanksgiving present. Bespin Reactor Core wall textures from the Vader's Secret Diorama are now available for download in NiubNiub's Download Textures section


NiubNiub's personal thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans who wrote in to congratulate me with the Rebelscum and FFURG merger. I'm happy to see that you all think it was a cool decision :-) I really love hearing from all of you so don't be shy, I reply to ALL the e-mails personally. As if I had a choice - LOL


Secret page

Dan is the only smart one ;-) to find the secret page this week. Way to go Dan !


November 21 2000 - Tuesday

NiubNiub's mom is 75 !

Even though she can't understand 1 thing about internet - let alone computers. I want to wish my mom a happy 75th birthday. Here's to another 1/4 century - God help us toy collectors - LOL.


Congratulations to Jay and Austin

Two visitors found my secret page this week. I see in my stats sheet that one of you is trying real hard to find it by typing all kinds of word combinations :) To the person who is searching sooo hard, here's a clue...Think of my name and look around the Choose A Character pages. Do you see anything that looks familiar?


NiubNiub's addicted to Zelda Majora's Mask

Yes I admit it, last friday I finally found a copy of the new Zelda game for N64 and have not stopped playing since. I know I should be making dioramas - hee hee - but I just can't help myself. By the way for you N64 fans - it is worth the purchase and I highly advise to get the player's guide. This is one HARD game.


HUGE Summer Blockbusters DVD today !

Today is the release day for GLADIATOR and X-MEN. These are 2 MUST own titles for those of you who are as much into dvd as I am. So don't walk, RUN to your video store this afternoon and get yourself a copy.


November 22 2000 - Wednesday

Character VR Wednesday - CV:R

I need to know if I've gone too far this time - LOL. You can now go see Kick Boxing Chewie uh I mean Chewbacca Dejarik Champion in the C:VR Virtual Character section. Don't forget you need Quicktime 4 to see him in motion. I want you to tell me what you think of his dancing style. heh heh. Do you prefer normal moves to clearly see what the figure looks like from behind? Send me your thoughts and suggestions for next weeks figure.


If you downloaded textures - this is for you.

I received some pictures from Brian Pennington this weekend of the Death Star diorama he created using my textures. I am amazed at the results of how someone can get a completely new look by putting his own style into it.

Here's where you other guys and girls come in...Brian is the first to ever show me what he did with my textures. I am VERY curious to see how you used them. Please send me pictures, I LOVE seeing how others use their creativity. I will even make your own section and show them to the world! How can you pass up such a terrific offer - LOL.


Vote for your Favourite and Most Wanted dioramas

The end of the month is coming faster then we think. Are your favourite dioramas in the top 6? If not, take 2 minutes and send me an e-mail. Just go to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections to send your votes.


November 23 2000 - Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US Visitors

And for all us who live outside the USA, Happy Thursday! - LOL


November 27 2000 - Monday

Darth Vader's Secret

I've been working on detailing the structure this weekend (it's a miracle I managed to tear myself away from Zelda majora's Mask - LOL) and I will post pictures tomorrow or wednesday at the latest. Rebelscum's 100th Custom Critique of the week For those of you who don't know and like to custom make new figures, Rebelscum is currently planning a special year-end "Critique-of-the-Week" for its 100th edition for 2000. The subject is The Galactic Senate. If you have ANY questions just email Dan. Tell him Niubniub sent you :)


Chat with NiubNiub

If any of you have questions or just want to say hello, I will be at NiubChat Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and Thurday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. All times are North America Eastern. Hope to see you there.


NiubNiub went on US trip and wasted gas - LOL

I don't know why but I was hoping to find some new POTJ figures this weekend in platsburgh, the closest US town from where I live. unfortunately I found nothing - sniff sniff. If anyone wants to help me out and be an extra pair of eyes for me I would LOVE to hear from you :) just send me an email.


November 28 2000 - Tuesday

Darth Vader's Secret NEW previews pictures

I managed to add 2 more pages of preview pictures for Vader's Secret in the Sneak Previews Dioramas section. Click on page 7 and page 8 to see the latest pictures. More will be posted during the week.


NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas updated.

New pictures today in NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas and I want to personally thank Brian Pennington for being the first and ONLY person so far to send me pictures of what he has created using my textures from Niubniub's Download Textures section. I know there are a lot of you who downloaded so why don't you show me what you did. I REALLY wanna see them!!! makes Niubniub happy :)


Don't forget Chat with NiubNiub This Afternoon

Please come say hello if you can, I will be at NiubChat from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Hope to see you there.Last week to vote


Favourite and Most Wanted dioramas

Only 3 more days before december. Why not participate, take 2 minutes and send me an e-mail. Just go to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections to send in your votes NOW.


November 29 2000 - Wednesday

Better late then never - LOL - Character VR

You can now go see The latest figure to be animated, Queen Amidala Coruscant in the C:VR Virtual Character section. Don't forget you need Quicktime 4 to see her in motion. Remember to Send me your thoughts and suggestions for next weeks figure.


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