December 03 2000 - Sunday

Top 6 Favourite and Most Wanted

The votes are all counted and you can now see if your choice made it to number 1 for the month of November 2000. Just click on Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas respectively.


Darth Vader's Secret almost complete

I've worked very hard friday and saturday finishing Vader's Secret Diorama. let me say it is MY favourite so far of all that I have made. Make sure to check in tomorrow to see the last of the Sneak Preview Pictures.


Secret Page Mania !!!

You guys have worked overtime, Congratulations go to Jay, Austin, Fuller, Grant, Pete, Mark, Aaron, Chris, Aric and Chantal for finding Niubniub's Secret Page. Let the hunt continue for all you new visitors out there :)



December 04 2000 - Monday

Darth Vader's Secret Sneak Previews

Wow - 5 more pages of preview pictures for Vader's Secret in the Sneak Previews Dioramas section are now online. Click on page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11 and page 12 to see the latest pictures. I've even added a little surprise on page 12 :-) Let me know what you think.


Another NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas update.

New pictures today in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas just head on over and click on Matt Cassano to see all the cool scenes he has created. If you have some dioramas you want to share with the rest of the world, make sure and send them over. I love to see how others use their creativity.


December 05 2000 - Tuesday

Rebelscum Listserv Cleanup

ATTENTION to everyone who was on Rebelscum's Listserv!!! If you are a member of the "Forgotten Force" Customs. Listserver group and have not seen the email that was sent out last weekend, please see the listserver signup page for important information. If you want to join the coolest list on the net, New members can also head on over and sign up!


NiubNiub needs recruits - LOL

I need the roll up Droidika and new POTJ figures. We have nothing here in Canada :( If you want to help please e-mail me. I will reimburse you for the toys and shipping of course :)


NubNiub's favourite Websites

I added a link to Sebulba' Shack in the Favourite Websites section. If you have a moment go take a peak.


December 06 2000 - Wednesday

Virtual Character Wednesday: Character VR

I think you will LOVE this one - you can go see The latest figure to be animated, just click on the Security Battle Droid in the C:VR Virtual Character section. Don't forget you need Quicktime 4 to see it in motion. Send me your thoughts and suggestions for next weeks figure.


December 07 2000 - Thursday

Make the Maker contest

Hasbro has given collectors amazing Star Wars figures like Porkins, Biker Scouts, Slave Leia, Tarkin, Yakface, Boba Fett and Wicket ;-) to name just a few. However, there is one glaring omission - the flannelled father of all figures: George Lucas. Rebelscum, ToyFare Magazine, and the have a NEW contest and challenge you to create your own custom George Lucas.


December 11 2000 - Monday

Vader Secret Revealed is Completed

I am happy to say that Darth Vader's Secret Diorama is now in it's proper home. All pictures can be found in Episode 5:Empire Strikes Back menu under Bespin. This is one of my all time favourites, I can't wait to hear your comments. Something tells me Sarlaac Pit will fall to Number 2 this month - hee hee.


NiubNiub's Secret page

Congratulations this week to Mark, Thom and Richard. The lucky 3 to find my secret biography page.


Chicken Run : DVD pick of the week

I skipped this film in theaters thinking it was bad. Boy was I wrong. I laughed and laughed, and I am amazed at the time it took the animators to make this great movie. 2 seconds of film per day! now that's patience. If you haven't seen Chicken Run, I highly recomend it. Excellent.


December 13 2000 - Wednesday

Choose a Character Updated

Finally, with a HUGE thanks to Eugene Mikami (sorry it took me so long) I have added the pictures and reviews for Jar Jar Naboo Swamp, Qui-Gon Eopie and the Eopie Beast. You can click above or go to Choose A Character menu and click on Darth maul's head to go to the Episode 1 figure menu. It's a shame these were impossible to find, they are very cool toys.


Character Variations Comparison Updated

Took the liberty to add Jar Jar Naboo Swamp and Qui Gon Eopie to their respective pages in the Character variations Comparison section. You can see exactly how each figure compares with it's previous incarnation.Time for a New Diorama -


Sneak Preview Gungan Secret City

Since my ruins head has been sitting in a box for almost a year, I thought now is the perfect time to return and complete this diorama. I have placed pictures in the Sneak Previews section. Just Click on the Gungan Sacred City picture. Remember, if you like to only see the finished scenes, this could spoil things for you.


NiubNiub's Digi Camera broken

While taking pictures of my Gungan Ruins head, I dropped and broke my camera :( - hey it's hard to take pictures when you have only 3 stubby fat fingers - It is still under guarantee and will get it fixed by friday they tell me. I will try and post the C:VR during the weekend, if not I promise I will give you 2 next week. On the plus side - you have more time to send me suggestions for what figures you want to see animated. Just e-mail me your suggestions.


December 18 2000 - Monday

Gungan Secret City

Holidays are getting closer but I took the time to continue sculpting my Gungan Sacred Head. You can see the new pictures in the Sneak Previews section. Click on Gungan City Pages 2 and Page 3.Speaking of Gungans ;)
As you all know, Canada does NOT carry any Star Wars toys anymore. I will be needing about a dozen GUNGAN WARRIORS. If you see these in your areas Toy stores and want to help me out I will be Very Gratefull. I know they are 1 per case and impossible to find but I thought I would ask anyway.


December 21 2000 - THURSDAY

Virtual Character Wednesday: Postponed Again

I feel so guilty to dissapoint my VR fans but I have not had time to pick up my camera from the store. The good news is that they have received my replacement in stock. Now I just have to find time between Work, Office Christmas Parties and Shopping to go get it. Most likely this weekend. Again, I am sooo sorry for the delay, I promise I will try and make it up to all of you somehow ;)


Vote for your Favourite and Most Wanted Dioramas

The end of December is almost here, have you taken the time to vote in the Top 6 Dioramas yet? I love to see what you guys think so please take the 5 minutes to send an email. Just go to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections to send in your votes NOW.


Very First Niub Niub Poll

If you don't have 5 minutes to vote for the Top 6 - LOL - Why not take 30 seconds then and vote in my Character:VR poll found just to your right. I want to see what direction I should go with these for 2001. I am curious to see if polls can work to help me know what my fans want in the new year. Remember, without you guys, Niubniub's has no reason to exist.


December 22 2000 - FRIDAY

Character VR Poll fixed

For something that looks so simple, I sure had trouble getting it to work. LOL I have tested it and now votes actually get counted. If you tried yesterday and it didn't work. Please try again.


NiubNiub's Camera

Well our boss told us we can go home at noon today - woo hoo. So I will be picking up my camera. I will try and do a weekend update of at least the sneak previews section. Now things should be getting back to normal :)


December 25 2000 - MONDAY

NiubNiub wishes you a Merry Christmas !

I know I didn't get any new figures this year, since they don't have any stores that sell them, but I hope that Santa will get you ALL the Star Wars toys you dreamed of. Merry Christmas - ho ho ho


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