Character VR

I hope you know how much I love you guys because I stayed up till 2:45 am to finish this weeks Character:VR. You can now go see in the Virtual Characters Section, a full 360 animation of the Special 300th Edition Boba Fett. Let me know what you think :)




Top Six Results for January 2001

The votes are all counted and you can now see if your choice made it to number 1 for the month of January 2001. Just click on Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas respectively.


More Visitors Dioramas

I have added new pictures of David Jonathan Syczylo's cool Neemoudian battleship diorama in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. If you make dioramas please send me some pictures. I can make a section for you too :)


Want to see what you missed in January?

The month of January has been added to the News History Archive Scection. This is where you can catch up on what you might have missed.


Survivor 2: The bugs are back ;)

Did any of you catch last night's episode of Survivor? I would NEVER have been able to eat those gross bugs - ewe. Niubniub is a BIG wimp - LOL. I would have puked them out like that lady did. I can't believe how much I love this show :)



Sorry for the lack of updates

I am swamped at work doing overtime, trying to finish a commercial for next week. There is so much to do and so little time for such complex shots. So this week might be slow but I promise to catch up this weekend. Unless I have to go in and work again :( ughhh.


Character VR Wednesday

Well it's that day of the week again. You can now go see in the Virtual Characters Section, a full 360 animation of R2-D2 Hologram Leia. I know a lot of you still don't have this best R2 ever made. Here's your chance to see what the whole fuss was about. Let me know what you think :) and send in suggestions for next weeks VR.


Huge thanks to David

Just want to publically thank you for getting me my R2-D2 Hologram Leia Action Figure. Finally I have a R2 Hologram Figure - Yeahhhhhhh. I am glad things worked themselves out :) Give a big HUG to your mom for me - hee hee.


New Fan Websites added

For the curious who want to see what your fellow collectors are up to I have added 2 new sites to Niubniub's Fan Sites Section. Please go visit Mike's Star Wars Trade Zones. You could even make some good deals there. Also check out Matt's Last Rogue Standing Customs site. Keep up the great work guys.



New Figures Pictures and Characters Reviews

I've been able to take pictures of the latest figures I bought last week. Check out R2-D2 Hologram Leia, Mon Calamari Officer, IG-88 Bounty Hunter, K-3P0 Echo Base Protocol Droid and Plo Koon Jedi Master. You can read their reviews as well as every Star Wars figure in my collection in Niubniub's Choose A Character Section.


New Figures Force Files Cards Online

I've added the 4 latest figures force files for those of you who don't open your figures and are curious to see what they say. Check out Mon Calamari Officer, IG-88 Bounty Hunter, K-3P0 Echo Base Protocol Droid and Plo Koon Jedi Master. You can see these and all the other cards in Niubniub's Jedi Force Files Cards Section.


Survivor Star Wars style

You might have read about this on other sites, but I just wanted to remind you about the cool Star Wars Survivor Spoof over at Scott O'Hairs Hyperspace. Check it out and cast your vote for banishment ;)


Niubniub stuck at work

Our dealine has changed from next Wednesday to Monday :( - The joys of working in Post Production - LOL - and looks like I will be working like a madman all weekend. If I can squeeze in a few hours of free time and not in a coma, I will try and update the Death Star Console (the base is finished and the labels are 95% done) and show you what I've added to the Gungan Head to finish up the Sacred Place Diorama.



MAJOR Problems with my computer !

As you may have heard on other sites - thanks Chris, Dan, Capt. Tarpals - I have spent the weekend in hell. From having to work overtime, to ice storm, city wide power failure, car break in, and to top it off my IMAC is FRIED - Thank you Hydro Quebec - LOL. I cannot acces the desktop to get at my sites folders - Thank god for backups :) and cannot link up to the net to upload information to you guys. Still, all these problems are better then the kidney stone I had - Oh yeah!

I managed to get this message to you from work, but now won't be able to update until my computer gets back from the shop, hopefully soon and NOT in 6 weeks. In the meantime, I will keep working on my dioramas so that when my computer is back from the doctor, I will have A LOT of stuff to show you.

Also, If you have sent an e-mail and do not get a reply within 1-2 weeks, PLEASE e-mail it again. I cannot access my e-mail properly at this time. There are chances it could get lost in this whole mess. I do read and reply to every e-mail sent and I enjoy chatting and helping you out. I would hate to miss out on your comments because of a technical glitch.

One last thing, I decided to upload 2 new items while I had the chance. Read about them below. Hopefully I can post another update and get back to full swing very very soon.
All the best - Frank the Niubniub.


Death Star Console Accessory Complete :)

I have finished the Death Star Console and managed to put the pictures up before my computer acts up again. You can see it in the Sneak Previews section. Click on Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5 for the latest additions.


New Visitor Dioramas

New Pictures of Ed Baruli's Purchase of the Droids diorama have been added to Niubniub's Visitor's Dioramas section. I am sooo jealous of his custom droids ! Let's hope someone at Hasbro sees these and wisens up that WE WANT MORE DROIDS!!!!! - LOL - (Sorry it took sooo long Ed)




Most of you who read this from the USA might not know that we Canadians have NOT had ANY new figures since Adi Gallia!!!! That is almost 2 years!!! and 45 figures ago. We had to fill the gaps in our collection through friends or auctions like ebay. Well the wait is finally over... I found these at my local Wal-Mart in Quebec. Click on the pictures to see them full size. Here are the facts for my Canadian friends....

1- Only 10 figures will be available. A mixture of Waves 2, 5, 6 and 7
2- Figures were stocked yesterday morning at WAL-MARTS at $8.91 + TAX
3- TRU have NO figures yet, Col1 and 2 are listed in their computer but haven't even hit the wharehouse.

BUT here's the stinker - will cost $11.99 + TAX - MAJOR RIP OFF. I would boycott TRU and buy ALL my figures at WalMart. So let's hope that new figures keep coming up North and in droves. Demand IS here, there were only 7 figures left on 10 empty pegs. The dude in the toy department told me 24 more cases were on the way for next week :)


Good Chances my computer comes home Saturday.

I have been told that i might be able to pick up my IMAC this saturday after the new ethernet card is installed. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope to be at full speed by next monday.



Finally - New pictures of Gungan Sacred place :)

It's been a while, but I was able to work on the Gungan Sacred Place Diorama this weekend. it's almost finished, Just a coat of paint and we can move on to another - hee hee. The new pictures are on page 11 and page 12 in the Sneak Previews Dioramas section. Let me know what you think :)


Niubniub is happy - my IMAC is fixed - yeah !!!!

As you probably assumed, seeing there was an update this morning, my computer is all fixed. All that's left now is to catch up on the stuff I have to show you. Should be a fun week of updates.


Classic Figure Reviews - Need your input

A couple of people have asked me if I could add a section of reviews for the Classic Star Wars Figures. It would be a lot of work (but I still have all the figures my mom got me as a kid) but before I start, I would like to know what you guys think? Is this a good idea? Send me an e-mail and let me know your thoughts on the idea.



New DVD reviews

I have added 4 new DVD reviews in the Home Cinema section. Last weekend I watched Hollow man, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World and Naked Gun 33 1/3. Click on the title to read my thoughts on the movie and if it's worth adding to your collection.


Secret Page found again this week

Congratulations to Logan, Maryanne and Paul who are the only 3 to find the secret page this week. Way to go guys ;)


Download Link Fixed

Sorry about yesterday, I am making modifications and put the wrong link up. Everything shoul connect properly today.



Character VR Wednesday

This weeks lucky figure to come to life is Selbulba Boonta Eve Challenge. At fist in package I thought, "great, another useless Sebulba" but once opened he is the BEST Sebulba Hasbro has made. The neck articulation is awesome. Anyways check him out and all the other 14 animated figures in the Virtual Characters C:VR Section.


New Download Textures and Easier Navigation

I have modified the Download section today making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. There's been so many textures added in the past 3 months that I thought it might be starting to slow you down. So the main menu page is now text based, asking you to select a diorama scene you want to make. After choosing the scene, you will be brought to it's particular menu page with the thumbnails you are so used to seeing by now. After that, it's click and print as usual.

I have also added 2 new textures of 2 Death Star Floor Grids in the Episode 4: A New Hope Death Star Menu. I lost all e-mails during my computer crash and I can't remember who created these awesome textures. Can you please e-mail me? Have fun and send me pictures of your end result. I am curious and would love to see how you have used them in your diorama.



Gungan Sacred Place is finished :)

I managed to find time to paint the gungan heads and place them in their final resting place :) You can see the latest in the Sneak Preview section. Go to Page 13 of the Gungan Sacred Place and you will even see a peak at the diorama with figures. I will take pictures and place them on the site later this week.


Big Thanks to Brian :)

I just wanted to publicly thank Brian K. Pennington for the cool Death Star Grid texture he created in the Download Section. Thanks again Brian, great work!


Preview New Classic Comparison Section

I am working on 2 new sections that will premiere this week. Click here and you will see a preview of what I am working on :) There are good chances that all figures comparisons will be ready by wednesday.



2 New Power Of The Jedi Reviews

I was sent 2 more figures that put me up to date - not counting the Aura Sing wave, in case anyone wan't to help me out, hee hee - You can now see pictures and what I think of Han Solo Bespin and Sebulba Boonta Eve Chalenge in the Choose A Character Section.


Jedi Force Files

I also took the time to scan the figures files. You can read Han Solo Bespin and Sebulba Boonta Eve Chalenge Bio's in the Jedi Force File Cards Section.


New Classic Figure Comparisons !!!

I have put the first 10 figures online in a new section called Classic Character Comparisons. In this section you will be able to see what each Kenner figure looked like in the 70's and 80's beside it's newer Hasbro 90's counterpart. For you young visitors, maybe this is the first time you have ever seen these figures. For the rest of us OLD folks ;) Sit back and take a trip down memory lane - heh heh heh. The icon to access the section in on your left.


New Classic Figure Reviews Also Added

When you go into the Classic Character Comparisons section, If you click on the figures picture you will go to it's Choose A Character Review. For the moment, I have not yet completed the Classic main menu, if you click on Classic Luke's head, you will be sent to a broken link. This will all be fixed by end of the week.



Character VR Wednesday

Well here we are, another wednesday. This week I chose Naboo Royal Guard. This is one of my favourite figures and looks really cool in his posing. You can view him animated come to life as well as over 16 figures now in the Character C:VR Virtual Characters section. If there is any figure you want to see next week, send me an e-mail :)


Last day of February - vote for the Top 6

It's amazing how time flies, another month has gone buy and it's time for me to find out what you liked best in February. Please go to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections to send in your votes NOW. It only takes 2 minutes and I really like to read feedback from you guys.


Choose a Character menus updated

I did a little reorganisation in the Choose a Character Reviews menus. I have added Classic Luke's head to the mix. By clicking on this icon, you will now be sent to the Classic Character Reviews main menu page where you can click a name and go see it's picture and read my comments. You can also still choose to view Power Of The Force figures, Episode 1 figures and the new Power Of The Jedi figures.



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